Aurat bandh on December 26

  • Neelam Pandey, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
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  • Updated: Dec 23, 2012 11:14 IST

Thousands of women, who are part of Facebook group, have decided "no to do anything" as a mark of protest on Dec 26

Rather than shouting slogans, holding placards or gathering at a site, they have decided to protest by simply not doing anything — not going to schools and college or not going to their workplace or not carrying out household chores.

To show solidarity to the gangrape victim and innumerable other women who are victimised daily by the society, thousands of women have decided ‘not to do anything’ as a mark of protest on December 26.

A group called Aurat Bandh has been formed on Facebook, and thousands of women have pledged to support the cause.

“Our form of protest is not to protest in public spaces but in our daily life. A woman gets gangraped in a moving bus and the country stands spineless. As the government has failed us yet again, it is now time to take matters in our own hands. This call goes out to all the women for an Aurat Bandh. Let us not do any work for one day and see how the society functions,” said Noor Enayat, who launched the group.

“And by no work, I mean not go to office, not take care of families… no shopping, no retail therapy of any kind,” she added.

So far, 2,211 users have pledged their support to this unique protest. “It is about time our society understands that women are as important as men and if they don’t work even a single day, the entire country will come to a standstill. I’ve decided not to work as a mark of protest,” said Namrata Singh.

There are a number of groups that have been launched on social networking sites such as ‘Save Women, Save India’, ‘Hang them or us’ asking people to put pressure on the government.


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