Delhi attempts CST-like flash mob, fails

While youth from across Delhi attempted to do a sequel of Mumbai's CST flash mob act, bad planning and no permission failed them.

At around half past five on Saturday evening, OB vans and cameramen were seen all across Janpath's chaotic shopping street in central Delhi, much to the amusement of enthusiastic shoppers and salesmen.

Looking at the strong media presence, shopkeepers immediately began shutting shop, fearing a planned NDMC drive to confiscate their wares. Shoppers, though, were wondering if a celebrity would turn up at Janpath.

Ritika, a student, asked, ''is that Kolaveri star coming here to promote his film?''

Till 6:15pm, the organisers, who disclosed themselves to a few media people, could not get their act together. Either it was their private cameraperson who reached late, or some of the dancers who were lost in the crowd. (But isn't that how a flash mob functions?)

Soon, policemen gathered around the scene sensing something amiss and asked shoppers as well as the media to disperse.

Finally, when the crowd dispersed, "Delhi 6" began playing only to be stopped 10 seconds later. Cops came ahead and asked the dancers to stop, while threatening to confiscate their music player.

The organisers dispersed from the scene while stall owners came out and complained to the media as well as police about how they could not do any business because of the chaos.

They have, however, reportedly performed at Priya PVR later Saturday night.

While many at the scene felt that the reason why Delhi's first flash mob fizzled out was because they planned to have it too soon, some questioned the sense in telling the media about it. Mere publicity or a fun flash mob?


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