Delhi gangrape case: defence lawyer draws court's ire

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  • Updated: Apr 05, 2013 22:31 IST

The fast-track court hearing the December 16 gang rape case on Friday came down heavily on defence lawyer ML Sharma, saying he must "behave properly" and "mind his words while addressing the court".

Additional Session Judge (ASJ) Yogesh Khanna pulled up Sharma, counsel for accused Mukesh, when he suggested the judge take an off on Saturday as he (Sharma) will be on leave.

"Mind your words while addressing the court. I am sitting on the bench. You must behave properly. What is this 'chhutti le lejile'?," the court told Sharma asking him to maintain the decorum of court.

"When I am working tomorrow, how can you ask me to take leave? You are the counsel in the case, you have to come to the court tomorrow," the ASJ said.

The court said it will hold the court proceedings on Saturday and asked the counsel to remain present in the court at 2 pm sharp. 

Special Public Prosecutor Dayan Krishnan, also expressed his displeasure over the conduct of Sharma, saying, "I have never seen counsel telling the judge to take a holiday."

Meanwhile, Sharma and fellow defence lawyer AP Singh, who is representing accused Vinay and Akshay, also got into heated arguments in the court after Singh said that this court should not be used as "learning forum".

The tiff started when Sharma was cross-examining a prosecution witness and spent nearly two hours asking irrelevant questions from him.

When the judge objected and told Sharma to ask only relevant questions, Sharma replied that he is learning through this case. At this point, Singh also lost his cool and shouted at him.

"Counsel (Sharma) should not make this case as learning forum. If he wants to learn, there are so many cases... he can learn from that cases. It's an important case and life of all the accused are on stake. Counsel should not use this case as learning point," screamed Singh.

Sharma also started shouted back, saying Singh can not pass such personal comments.


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