Delhi shivers as weatherman warns of colder days ahead

Frosty winds across the city made Sunday the coldest day this winter, so far. With the daytime temperature plummeting to 14.6 degrees Celsius, Delhi shivered.

The Met Department has predicted a colder morning on Monday. Shallow fog is also likely to make a comeback, as the temperature is low and the humidity high. Icy winds from the Himalayas are set to persist and bring the temperature down further.

“Sunday was the coldest day of the season so far. There could be shallow fog on Monday morning and cold winds during the day,” said the weatherman. The Met Department has predicted that the maximum temperature on Monday will be around 16 degrees Celsius. 

Though the winds have made the city colder, they have also brought cheer by keeping the fog away. “While factors like low temperature and high humidity are present, the strong winds are making sure that fog is not dense,” said the weatherman.  

The minimum temperature on Sunday, at 7.8 degrees, was one degree above normal — the first time this winter that it slid below 15 degrees. Before Sunday, December 28 was the coldest day of the season, with the maximum being recorded as 15.2 degrees Celsius.


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