Delhi: streetlights shine but only behind trees

Place: New Rajinder Nagar

It’s 8:45pm and the entire Raman Lamba Marg, which is busy throughout the day, wears a deserted look. No wonder, women avoid the stretch.

Most of the streetlights are functional yet the road plunges into darkness after evening. The reason: Trees with thick foliage cover up the lights, making it pitch dark.  DN Kapoor, a senior citizen who is living in New Rajender Nagar for the past many decades, said there had been incidents of chain and purse snatching with victims mostly being women.

“There have been negligible cases of molestation or assault since it is a residential area but even then the authorities should take steps to ensure proper lighting arrangements on the stretch,” said Kapoor.

Local residents said the municipal authorities do not prune the trees regularly.  The only saving grace is the police presence on and near the road.

Aastha Kalra, a student who travels through this road frequently, said she feels safe in the area because of the police.

“For the past two years, I have seen security around the colony. Currently, no place in Delhi is safe for women at night. But I feel a little safer here because of the presence of policemen around,” said Kalra.

“Nearly two months ago, some people tried to abduct a girl by forcing her into their car around 7pm, near Sita Mata Park. She cried for help and some policemen rushed to the spot. Thanks to the cops, she was saved,” she said.


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