Don’t let last-minute rush spoil your plans

With only two weeks left for class 10 and 12 board exams Snehi is helping students cope with last-minute stress by suggesting tips on how to increase concentration and avoid negative thoughts.

Student: I am in class 12. For the past two years, I have not been able to focus on studies due to parental, peer and societal pressure. I am also distracted by TV and social networking websites. Being a science student, the pressure of clearing entrance exams is also there. How do I manage my time?   

Snehi: The mounting pressure due to under preparedness must be making you anxious. This is probably why you are not able to concentrate on studies.

At this juncture the best possible way is to make your board exams a priority. Keep your entrance exam preparation on hold for the time being. Try to avoid social networking websites and TV, at least till your exams end. All the best.

Student: My work output has decreased to three hours per day. Parental pressure is also there. I feel like running to a place where no one knows me. Please help.

Snehi: Talk to your parents and convey to them that you are burdened by their expectations and this has begun to harm you. If you communicate clearly, they may understand your pain and stop pressuring you. To relieve stress, you can do some meditation, yoga or relaxation exercises daily.

Student: I am preparing for class 12 boards. My exams are round the corner now but my mind is full of fantasies. Whenever I sit to study, I keep getting bad thoughts. I just cannot concentrate. Please help me. 

Snehi: Having bad thoughts and dreams is very normal. Do not let it bother you. Try to divert your mind and focus on studies. Talk to your friends or loved ones about it, if it helps.

Set a manageable time table so that you can concentrate and do well in exams. If possible, meditate for 10-15 minutes or go for a brisk walk for about 30minutes. This may help you get rid of bad thoughts. 

Parent: My son often says that he is very restless due to the upcoming exams. He gets agitated over most trivial of issues and starts shouting.

Sometimes he gets angry with himself, puts his books aside and says he will not appear for exams. He has not been able to complete his syllabus. How can I help him? As a mother, it is difficult to see him going through this

Snehi: You can help him in making a realistic time table so that he can devote 75% of his time to revising the syllabus and 25% on focusing on main topics and chapters he has left out.

Help him set goals for each subject and ask him to write and practice the questions he has studied well.

He can do some sample papers to boost his confidence and assess his weaknesses. Make him understand that no exam is the last exam which will decide his life.

Student: I am preparing for my board exams. I have studied everything but as exams draw nearer, I feel like I am forgetting everything. I am scared that I will not be able to write anything in my exams. Please tell me what to do.

Snehi: You need to relax and believe that your preparation will help you to score well. Practice writing your answers; you’ll realize that you have not forgotten and it will also help build your confidence.

Breathing exercises, sharing with others and positive thinking will also help.


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