Even circus shows fetch good crowd: Congress on Modi rallies

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  • Updated: Oct 19, 2013 21:04 IST

Launching a blistering attack on Narendra Modi, Congress on Saturday compared his rallies with circus shows "which also fetch crowd" and questioned his understanding of foreign affairs.

"Do not measure one's strength from one's obesity. Famous filmstar Raj Kumar had once said that a lot clapping is made and a large crowd gathers even when some circus comes in the town," party spokesperson Renuka Chowdhary told reporters in Delhi.

Ridiculing Modi for his Friday's assertions in Chennai on foreign policy issues, Chowdhary said that it was "very very bizarre" and that the Gujarat Chief Minister has "no idea of foreign policy, has no clue".

"He will come out in a Rambo style and shoot at everyone. That does not happen in foreign policy," she said.

Attacking UPA government's foreign policy as "a mockery" and Delhi-centric, Modi had on Friday advocated an assertive foreign policy that also involves states.

"India is not just Delhi. The foreign policy should be decided by the people and not by some politicians sitting in Delhi," he had said.

"Isn't there a role for the states?" Modi said adding international conferences could be held in other cities, like it was during NDA rule when Pakistan's political leadership was hosted in Agra and Shimla for talks.

The Congress spokesperson also hit out at the Gujarat Chief Minister for his attack on Rahul Gandhi in his rally in Kanpur saying "none of the family members of Modi are seen with him. Modi's family is not with him and he does not understand the dignity of other's family. He is only focused on the chair of Prime Minister."

Noting that one cannot become Prime Minister only by making speeches daily, she said, "in a few days, people will come to know that what is the real face of Modi and who reads prepared speeches in rallies."

Downplaying questions about gatherings in Modi's rallies she said Congress is used to huge gatherings and had leaders, who captured people's imagination.

Ridiculing Modi's charge that Congress was playing "divisive" politics, the Congress spokesperson pointed towards post-Godhra riots.

"Nobody feels safe in Gujarat. That is why tourists do not go there. He does not get a visa. If you want to know what is the safety in Gujarat ask about it from people from Godhara, family members of Ishrat Jahan.

"Modi does not know what is truth. He does not respect women. He does not keep the dignity of his wife. How will he respect other women. In order to mislead people, Modi tells 100 lies in a day. People know what are his views," she said.

Rejecting the Gujarat Chief Minister's attack on Congress on the issue of poverty, she claimed that there is widespread malnutrition among children in Modi's state.

"What he is trying to tell us about hunger. How many children in Gujarat are victims of malnutrition. He should look back into his courtyard taking time off from his focus on the chair of the Prime Minister," she said.


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