Gurgaon killings spur panic among women

Recent incidents of murder of two housewives —Shweta Singh and Nargis Juneja — have raised security concerns of housewives who are alone in their houses in most part of the day.

Both victims, residents of posh localities, were killed in cold blood when their husbands were away at work.

So far the police have failed to nab the criminals. “As reported, in both the cases, the entry of assailants was friendly.

Nevertheless, the incidents do create fear among people living alone. If we are not safe at our homes then where would we go? Whether we live in apartments or in sectors, we feel vulnerable as the police presence is very limited,” said Sunaina Singh, a resident of DLF 3.

The police admitted that the two murders have triggered panic among residents and such incidents are a cause of worry.

“We are concerned about the security of women who live alone in their houses when their husbands are out for work.

Private colonies in the city employ their security guards.  Also the women need to follow a set of guidelines before opening the gates of their houses, when they are alone,” said a senior police officer.

So far there has been no progress in the probe into the murder of 42-year-old Nargis Juneja, director of Kidzee playschool. She was killed by two masked men who entered through ground floor bedroom and slit her throat.

“In this case, the guards should have noticed who was entering the colony. The colony areas are vulnerable because of easy access,” the officer added. In a similar case, a 28-year-old married woman was found killed at her residence in Saraswati Vihar last week.

“The similarity in both the cases is that entry of assailants was friendly. In such cases, it is very difficult for the police to prevent the crime as the accused were known to the victim,” he said.

“The police are not taking any pro-active measures to prevent the crime. We are totally dependent on private guards for security. There is no effort to increase beat policing and the situation is worsening with every passing day,” said RS Rathi, president of Gurgaon Citizens Council.


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