Heritage agency breathes new life into Lodhi-era tomb

  • Nivedita Khandekar, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
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  • Updated: May 12, 2013 23:32 IST

Till three years ago, the Lodhi-era tomb of Yusuf Qattal at Malviya Nagar on the main road leading up to Khirkee, was famous for all the wrong reasons. The premises were the tomb stood was notorious as the meeting place of anti-social elements.

Residents of the area often avoided entering or trudging through the large vacant grounds that houses the tomb, a mosque and many open graves of unknown persons.

That was till the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) decided to step in and clear the premises of all unwanted elements.

ASI, the custodians of the site, brought around a complete turnover by carrying out conservation work. So much so, that the place, once deemed almost haunted, now receives scores of students from a nearby school during their lunch break. For many office-goers, the premises of the tomb now are also the perfect place to take a short nap between work beneath the shades of its many trees. The soothing green lawn around the monument has also made it approachable for residents.

Sufi saint Sheikh Yusuf Qattal — during Ibrahim Lodhi’s reign — is believed to have performed religious devotion at Satpula and died in the year 1526-27. His tomb is an attractive structure with beautifully carved red sandstone pillars and jaalis (latticework screens). There are kanguras around the roof. To its west is a mosque, probably built around the same time.


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