Inflation, crime... Indians still happy

Happiness survey

Indians are a happy lot. And a majority of Indians living in non-metros are much happier than those living in the big cities.

Yes, we are concerned about the deteriorating law and order situation in the country, we’re worried about our personal safety, we lose sleep over rising inflation and fret over the poor state of civic amenities. That’s all about the here and the now. But overall — and existentially — we’re quite happy with our lot.

The Hindustan Times-MaRS Happiness Survey 2013, the most wide-ranging such study ever conducted, covering 5,400 respondents across 16 major Indian cities, throws up these and various other interesting findings.

“But the very large cities are really taking a toll on the people living there and this comes through in all the dimensions of their life. And that tells a story,” said Raghu Roy, managing director of MaRS, HT’s knowledge partner for this initiative.

The survey is too vast, its parameters too diverse and its conclusions too tantalising to place before you in one package. So, we will unveil the survey results parameter by parameter, layer by layer, day by day over this week. The best things really do come in small doses.

Just to whet your appetite, here’s a small sample of findings: residents of Indore, Patna and Ahmedabad in that order are happiest with their sex lives, while Delhi ranks last on this parameter and Mumbai ranks a lowly 11th; then, women are happier with their in-laws than men; and irreligious people are happier than religious ones.

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