NIA to quiz ex-RSS worker in blast cases

  • Rajesh Ahuja, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
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  • Updated: Feb 11, 2013 02:15 IST

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) wants to question Vinay Pande - a former RSS worker - on the suspicion that he might be involved in transferring explosives for bomb blasts carried out by right wing extremists led by Sunil Joshi.

Pande was earlier questioned by the CBI in Mecca Masjid case and by the Rajasthan ATS in the Ajmer Shairf case.

"Pande was made a witness in both the cases. But after the arrest of right extremists such as Rajendra Pehelwan, Dhan Singh, Tej Ram and Manohar, some new facts have come to light on which we would like to question Pande. But Pande is trying to evade questioning," alleged a senior NIA official.

Investigators say, it was in August, 2007 when Joshi -a former RSS prachark who was killed in December 2007 -- came to Pande's house with his close aide Sudip Upadhyay. They had kept a bag in his house. During CBI's questioning Pande had claimed that he didn't know what was in the bag. But the NIA suspects Pande may have known about the bag's contents, which were likely to be explosives.

Investigators also allege that Pande might also be involved in transferring explosives for blasts. "We need to seek clarification from Pande on his exact role," said the official.


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