PC hails Delhi cops for ‘better policing’

Even as the Capital continues to witness rapes and murders on daily basis, the total number of criminal cases has been on a decline. This comes from none other than the home minister himself.

Complimenting the Delhi police for significantly improving policing in Delhi, home minister P Chidambaram on Tuesday pointed to declining figures of crime rates “ incidents of crime per one lakh population” over the past decade.

“Policing in Delhi has improved significantly. We have added 41 new police stations and recruited 14,565 personnel in the last two years. We have also inducted 130 patrol cars and 775 motor-cycles for better policing”.

“Many other innovations and improvements have been brought about in the Delhi Police. I would request the people of Delhi to support their police force,” he said.

The home minister blamed media reports for the public perception that the crime situation had worsened. “What I am talking is about international standards and the numbers speak for themselves,” he said.

“The universally accepted measure of the incidents of crime is ‘number of crimes per 100,000 population’. The total number of crimes recorded in Delhi in 1999 was 58,701. In subsequent years it declined marginally,” Chidambaram added. In 2009, the total number was 50,251 and in 2010, it was 51,292.

The population of Delhi has increased from 134.18 lakh in 1999 to 182.31 lakh in 2010. The ratio of heinous crimes has declined from 19.72 (in 1999) to 11.44 and the ratio of non-heinous crimes has declined from 417.76 to 269.91.


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