Tell me about my weaknesses through social media: Modi

  • IANS, New Delhi
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  • Updated: Apr 08, 2013 03:11 IST

Stating that no human being was perfect, Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi said on Monday that he too had shortcomings and invited people to point them out through social media.

"No human being is perfect. Everyone has some weakness or the other. I too have shortcomings," Modi told the women's wing of industry lobby FICCI in New Delhi when asked to spell out his weakness.

He said no individual can correctly evaluate himself.

"I may have some weakness which I may not be able to see but you will be able to. if you spot any such weakness (in me), please convey them through the social media ... so that I can free myself of my weaknesses."

"Even the best humans have some weakness and even the worst humans have some good points," he added.

The chief minister said he had all the weaknesses that afflicted ordinary humans. But he quickly added that his "sanskar" (upbringing) helped him to progress in life on the strength of character so the shortcomings get diluted along the way.


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