'UK Govt should defer immigration cap'

Boris Johnson, Greater London Mayor, subtly denounced the proposal of Immigration Minister Phil Woolas to cap immigration from non-EU countries, which would affect Indians most, on Sunday. “I am a product of more than one country (being of Turkish ancestry from his father’s side) and I will continue to celebrate and champion immigration,” he told the 7000-strong gathering at Trafalgar Square participating in Diwali celebrations sponsored by the Greater London Authority.

“Britain should not lose opportunity to build links with the two growing economies of India and China,” he added.

“There have been great benefits of immigration in this country. London’s growth has slowed down and immigrants from Europe are going back home, so I think this argument is slightly on its head,” he said.

When questioned by HT about anti-immigrant groups  raising fears about migrants during economic recession in Britain, the mayor said, “London is a cosmopolitan place and it has been a city of diversity and tolerance.”


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