US-educated Nitesh wanted to be like his dad

Behind 36-year-old Nitesh Bhardwaj’s sinister plan of getting his own father gunned down lie promises that his father made to control the trajectory of his life but never bothered to keep.

The more ‘capable’ of his father’s two sons, Deepak used to tell Nitesh that he needed to surpass his elder brother Hitesh who was too much of a papa’s boy. Deepak acceded to every single of Hitesh’s demands, including that of managing a school that the family owns in Dwarka.

“It was for this reason that Deepak had packed Nitesh off to the US where he was enrolled at the Purdue College  in Indiana, US, in an Information Technology course while in his early 20s,” said an officer.

“After he got his degree, Nitesh spent four years in Canada. He also holds a Canadian passport and citizenship.”

Eight years later, Nitesh would receive a phone call from his father who asked him to come back so that he could set up an IT-based business for him. Nitesh, expecting that he would be able to match the heights that his own father had achieved, had flown back.

But instead of making good of the promise, his father had relegated him as a junior manager in a corner of his real estate office. What added to his nascent rage were tales of how his father had changed over the years that he was away.

“His mother told him that he had informally severed all contact with her and his elder brother,” the officer said.

“She told him that his promiscuity was also behind his decision to shift to the farmhouse in Rajokri — the same farmhouse where he was gunned down by goons hired indirectly by Nitesh himself,” the officer said.

In fact, Ramesh Kumari — Deepak’s wife — had filed a case of domestic violence against him a year ago.

Nitesh told police that he had tried to talk his father out of his ‘wrong ways’. But to no avail. His suggestions were either dismissed outright or, on some occasions, would invite violent rebuke from his father.The most recent of these, sources claimed, had culminated in a police complaint at the Vasant Kunj (south) police station just days before Bhardwaj’s killing on the morning of March 26.“He told us that Deepak, who had never let him live in liberty, had left him no other option. According to Nitesh, he ordered the hit because his father wouldn’t have let him and his mother live in peace otherwise,” the officer added.Meanwhile, police have intensified raids across southern India where they suspect co-conspirator Swami Pratibhanand is hiding.


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