Victim still critical but putting up a spirited fight

Doctors at Safdarjung Hospital have commended the spirit of the 23-year-old gangrape victim who, despite her critical injuries, is putting up a good fight.

She is on a ventilator in the hospital's ICU and is getting a regular infusion of morphine to control the pain, doctors treating her claim that the pain is so excruciating that despite the morphine dose she is conscious.

The victim had received severe genital and abdominal injuries and lost a lot of blood during the assault. Doctors claimed that they had never seen such brutal assault.

"Her condition is critical but she is conscious and communicating by writing notes. She is a spirited girl and is showing tremendous will to fight her condition," said Dr BD Athani, Medical Superintendent, Safdarjung Hospital.  

To boost her spirits further, the hospital authorities had even considered the idea of showing her television so that she realised action was being taken against the culprits.

"We did think of it initially but then decided against it as it would have meant moving her from her bed," said a doctor in the hospital. Her parents are anxiously waiting outside the ICU, but doctors have not allowed the father to meet her and even the mother has met only twice to avoid infection. 

The condition of the girl had marginally improved on Tuesday morning, and she had even started communicating with the doctors by writing small chits. 'Lift my leg', 'pain in my right leg', 'clean my throat, it's burning,' and 'have they been caught' were some of the notes written by her through the morning.

However, later during the second assessment, doctors found her condition had deteriorated. 

"She needed more ventilatory support, her pulse rate is high at 130 (normal is between 70 and 80), her platelets have dropped to 48,000 (normal is between 1.4- 4 lakh) and her blood pressure has also dropped considerably, which indicates developing of the infection," said Dr Athani.

Doctors may perform another life-saving surgery on her to remove dead tissues, if required. "The surgery we performed on her was absolutely necessary to save her life and if need be, we may perform another one in coming days," said a surgeon.

"We are performing life-saving measures right now, and reconstruction surgeries will be performed after she has survived the life-threat," he added.

Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar and Congress president Sonia Gandhi visited her on Tuesday.



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