HindustanTimes Sat,27 Dec 2014

Abhijit Banerjee

What's the plan for MNREGA? Modi has to explain

We deserve to be told why the MGNREGA has been singled out for the axe, if for no other reason than to inform our views about future programmes, writes Abhijit Banerjee.

No job is 'low' - be it desk or labour

Our prejudice against physical labour can only undermine Narendra Modi’s drive to turn India into a manufacturing hub, writes Abhijit Banerjee.

The new plan body must have a certain oomph

Narendra Modi says that he will replace the Planning Commission with a think tank. But it will take some doing to attract high-quality people to work for it, writes Abhijit Banerjee.

The centre may not hold: how public rage may hurt India

The Muzaffarnagar riots and the mauling in elections were bad enough, but things really spun out of control with the rash of rapes and gang rapes that don't show any sign of letting up, writes Abhijit Banerjee.

Why BJP's plan of full reforms is easier said than done

One advantage of not being in power is that we can dream of reshaping the world exactly as we please. The BJP has had this luxury for some time — now the reality is about to hit it, writes Abhijit Banerjee.

China wants more babies now, but can it succeed?

Beijing has changed its One Child Policy but past experience shows that demographic reversals are not easy. The experience of Japan and several countries in Southern Europe that are now trying very hard to avoid demographic collapse, suggests it is not easy to switch back. Abhijit Banerjee writes.

Not fired with logic

A study on the use of improved cooking stoves in Odisha proves that new technologies work best only when they sit lightly on the lives of their users, Abhijit Banerjee writes.

It’s time to get real

Why are we so outraged by the view that the recent rash of rapes in India has something to do with public displays of intimacy? Abhijit Banerjee writes.

New day, new start

The Aadhaar-enabled direct cash transfer scheme will not solve all problems that dog the State’s delivery programmes. Still, it is a worthwhile experiment. Abhijit Banerjee writes.

It’s plane and simple

Private investment may not be the perfect solution to the problems our national airline faces. But, the public cannot be made to pay the high cost of public sector intervention, Abhijit Banerjee writes.

Global nationalism

We cannot fix climate change on our own. It is the original collective action problem. It will not work unless almost all the large economies come together on one platform. Abhijit Banerjee writes.

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