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Pak has not dismantled terror camps, RS told

ISI continues to provide logistic support to J&K terror groups, the Rajya Sabha was told.

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Convicted bomb-maker face perjury

The perjury case arises from his testimony during the A-I bombing trial.

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Abu-Sandeep in fashion week clan

Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla will showcase their autumn-winter collection at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week in New Delhi from April 5-9.

'Dhoni's photo with cap? No way'

An ardent fan of hard hitting Indian wicketkeeper-batsman M.S. Dhoni was adamant that he would not take a photograph of the Ranchi player with his cap.

Laugh riot

Ravi and Rajesh were talking. Ravi said, ?Meena and I are going to get a divorce.? Rajesh was stunned. ?Why? What happened, you two seem so happy together?

activity corner

Picture puzzles, knots and crosses and much more - get the grey cells going and have a fun-filled play session.

British envoy to India

Michael Arthur is the new British envoy to India. He succeeds Rob Young.

Sameera?s LoC not demarcated

While Sameera Reddy's mother insists that she's isn't in LoC anymore, the actress denies it hotly.

Yamuna - river, or a drain?

To call Yamuna a river, particularly in Delhi, is an aberration of the first order. The water is black and oil-laden with suspended pollutants. This year too officialdom induged in its annual ritual of cleaning the Yamuna. We look at whether this is too little, too late.

Ashima-Leena take orient express

For this fall, the Ashima and Leena line draws their inspiration from the orient and the spice route.

Travis Friend

Travis Friend

WestpacTrust Park, Hamilton

WestpacTrust Park, Hamilton

Nothing but arranged marriage for Yuvraj Singh

If it ever comes to choosing the favourite theme song to be played when he walks to the batting crease, Yuvraj Singh would probably pick the mid-ninties hit single 'Arranged Marriage' by Apache Indian.
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