HindustanTimes Sun,21 Dec 2014

Barkha Dutt

Call a spade a spade

India needs a cohesive and strong anti-Naxal plan. But after the Bengal tragedy, it is worrying to observe the first signs of political reticence, writes Barkha Dutt.

For a few dollars less

Isn’t there any value placed on the outrage of the Bhopal victims and their rights? Whatever happened to corporate social responsibility? Barkha Dutt asks.

Kashmir stonewalled

The failure of the Centre to arm the moderates in Kashmir with political weapons has given extremists — and public anger — a fresh lease of life. Barkha Dutt writes.

Stop the squabbling

The political din over Maoist violence is a distraction. What needs to be done is obvious. Barkha Dutt writes.

The CWG looking glass

The Commonwealth Games in Delhi held up a mirror to us. The reflections tell an interesting story of how India is changing, writes Barkha Dutt.

Audacity to anxiety

Two years ago, we were inspired by Barack Obama because he was a potent symbol of multiculturalism. Now he has distanced himself from what made him unique. Barkha Dutt writes.


Common sense wins

Nitish Kumar's victory has a lesson for other parties: negative campaigns don't work anymore; the voters are seeking a message of hope. Barkha Dutt reports.

Lost in the din

Our public discourse appears to have lost the complexity of thought that is so crucial to a democracy. The polarisations have shrunk the middle ground where the truth usually resides. Barkha Dutt writes.

Many shades of truth

We look at Kashmir only during moments of crisis. Recent events in the Valley merit closer attention and engagement with moderate voices, writes Barkha Dutt.

Dangerous politics

The BJP must abandon its Tiranga Yatra to Jammu and Kashmir. The fragile peace in the state must be given a chance, writes Barkha Dutt.


When the iron's cold

Among the several questions that could have been asked at the prime minister's media conference - but weren't - one omission stood out for how interestingly it captures our malleable emotions. There wasn't a single question about Pakistan. Barkha Dutt reports.

Don’t slip on the oil

The whole world is debating a post-Gaddafi nation even as Libyans have made up their minds about booting out a despot. Barkha Dutt writes.

Sounds of silence

The UPA's top leadership speaks only when pushed to the brink. This is making their politics look increasingly defensive and reactive, writes Barkha Dutt.

A perilous path

High on ‘people power’ and an anti-politician mood, the Indian middle-class is misreading the signs of a functioning democracy, writes Barkha Dutt.

The circus must end

By abdicating its own authority, the government has yielded space to non-political voices. Will the UPA take charge now? Barkha Dutt writes.
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