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Beyond Books

Why teach kids golf?

The increasing popularity of golf over the last decade has demystified the game greatly, bringing it closer to people. Parents now recognise golf as an all-round, great sport and skill for children to learn and carry with them for the rest of their life.

Educational philosophy: Understanding the Reggio Emilia approach

The Reggio Emilia approach is an educational philosophy focused on preschool and primary education, adopted by scores of preschools across the world. Reggio educators see children as full of potential, competent and capable of building their own theories.

A stress-free festive season for your child

Festivals are meant for celebrations. Rakshabandhan, Janmashtmi, Dusshera, Diwali, Id and Gurupurab - the fun is just beginning and we have a long way to go. However, it can result in stress, even in children.

The importance of teaching our sons to respect women

As mothers there are things we can do, some simple steps to make that change. If we call ourselves a generation of empowered women and informed mothers, surely the least we can do is to ensure our sons are not the ones responsible for a woman's discomfort at any level in the future.

What does poetry mean to school children?

Scholars of education say that poetry is an excellent and necessary means of self-expression. Poetry necessitates scratching below the surface, plumbing emotions students are often afraid to share with their peers.

Music and intelligence- is there a link?

Children have a natural love for music. They love a good tune with an energetic beat. The visible impact of music on children is amazing. As a powerful stimulant, music can alter your child's mood instantly and create new bonds and memories.

Invoking Batman name promotes healthy eating

Invoking super heroes such as Batman or Superman could help parents get their children to eat healthy, says a study.

Playschool teaching methodologies

It is not all play at a Playschool. Progressive education, Montessori system, multiple intelligence, Playway method, holistic learning - the terminology is bound to boggle the mind, especially when you consider that all this jargon is used in the context of preschool education.

Understanding child's fascination with the bizarre

Dinosaurs, fanged robots, icky slime, movies about vampires and zombies, morbid blood-oozing stories or the gross toilet humour - why can't children fancy the more simple, pleasant stuff around us?

How Olympics can benefit your child

The countdown is on and there's less than a fortnight to go before the London 2012 Olympics. It is important then to encourage kids to get excited about the Olympics.

Perfect posture for a painless future

The best lessons are learnt in retrospect, especially when the consequences are painful! Maintaining a perfect posture is one of those lessons driven home soundly, albeit a little late, by the neck and shoulder spasms we suffer in adulthood.

Students turn samaritans

College kids to distribute food and clothes to underprivileged kids in the city as part of their annual festival.

How to fight childhood obesity

As far as children go, round is in and healthy - even in their teens! This is one dangerous myth that needs to be busted urgently - fat accumulation is a potential health hazard.

Swimming etiquette: Unwritten rules of a public pool

There would be few among us who have not been victims of the public pool, at the receiving end of pool atrocities by overstimulated kids and frazzled parents. Unfortunately, manners often go right out the window in public spaces like the pool.

Make a date to play

This is not the kind of 'date' we knew about when we were growing up, but it is something we find ourselves indulging in a lot now! We're talking about a playdate - when parents of children as young as 2 to 6 years, schedule a time with other parents, to get their children together for a few hours to play.
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