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Beyond Books

Understanding food safety

Do we need to fear our food?  After reading about hormonal additives in milk, antibiotics in meats, irradiated food and other similar reports on food contamination - unfortunately the answer to that question is yes.

Relieve the stress of managing after school activities

Enthusiastic and encouraging parents that we are, we enrol our children in hobbyclasses the instant they show an aptitude in a field. Or sometimes we enrol them hoping they'll show some aptitude.

Here's how to choose the best preschool for your kid

Preschool - sounds like a big scary word, especially when you havejust about mastered the challenges of infancy and got used to the quirks of toddlers!

Parents have little idea what teens do online, says study

A new US survey of more than 1,000 teenagers (13-17) and 1,000 parents of teenagers by online security company Mcafee has highlighted the discrepancies between what parents think about their teenagers' use of the internet, what is really going on, and what each group is doing to outsmart the other.

Stimulation during sleep can enhance skill learning

If you want to nail that tune that you’ve practiced and practiced, then you should take a nap with the same melody playing during your sleep, suggests a new provocative Northwestern University research.

How to make your kid comfortable while swimming

Who can resist the sight of a beautiful, blue pool when you're looking for respite from the blazing sun and relentless heat? Get organised and enjoy a great swimming season with your children.

Why is choosing a pediatrician so important?

With our long standing traditions of "family doctors" it is no wonder that new parents don't really think about the pediatrician for their child, and simply go with the first one to be recommended by a family member.

Family Outings - make them memorable

Summer vacations, festival holidays or sunny winter weekends - some days are not made to spend at home or in the mall. Fortunately there are always numerous outdoor options that can make a memorable fun day out with the whole family.

Safety considerations for children with cell phones

The question that most parents face today is not "Whether I should give my child a cell phone?" but rather "When should I give my child a cell phone"!

Mental Mathematics - a popular method of Enhanced Learning

The first question that comes to mind when we hear the term 'Enhanced Learning' is how can we possibly enhance the process of learning? To define the term, Enhanced Learning covers...

Top tips for photographing your children

How many times have you gone back to view your fantastic pictures of a holiday 3 years ago? After the initial enthusiasm, chances are these pictures will lie forgotten occupying a miniscule corner of digital memory. Why condemn your precious photographs todigital obscurity when you can create physical treasures out of them. 

Reliving the good ol’ days

Several celebrity ex-students of Hindu College attended the Annual Hostel Meet held by the college recently.

Parents’ pyjama party at school

Bangalore schools may have recently issued a diktat to parents against dressing in night clothes while dropping off their kids, but mamas and papas in Delhi continue to have a pyjama party at the gates every morning.

What the West does to the rest

The self-portrait of a former jihadist is gripping but does not add to ongoing debates on Islam or democracy. Keshava D Guha writes.

TOP 10: Easy ways to spend quality time with children

Both working and stay-at-home parents need to make the effort to spend some quality time with kids and help them grow into happy, confident and responsible adults. Here's how...
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