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The Ultimate Business Quiz Book

Did you know Coca-Cola was initially a medicine meant to cure depression! Or what kind of an animal is the reebok?

From Fission to Fusion

The development of almost all national atomic or nuclear energy projects has been marked by a common factor

The Narmada Dammed

Dilip D?Souza makes a significant addition to the to the steadily growing Narmada literature.


Devdas is not just a name but also a character type, easily identifiable and widely understood.

The Time Of My Life

They call it drawing. I really have no name for it. It is a compulsion, an itch?It is enjoyable but it can also hurt when nothing emerges

Never mind the words

It was with good reason that Frank Zappa had once advised rock stars ?to shut and play yer guitar?. Musicians, after all, are in the business of making music.

For milk, honey & clean water

Gurcharan Das - author, playwright, corporate consultant, venture capitalist and former CEO of P&Gamble India - is a gung-ho liberaliser.

Raj Kapoor Speaks

Though the book is obsessed with words such as showman and spectacle, there are moments when you get but glimpses of a man who entertained the masses at their level.

Restoring lost childhood

India may top in the number of child labourers ? about 30 per cent globally but that is not a fact that disturbs most of us, comfortable to lay the blame elsewhere.

All about the cricket World Cup

Coming out about a month before the World Cup, World Cup Cricket Companion is a ready reckoner for every cricket lover from Kolkata?s Maidan to Mumbai?s Shivaji Park.

Play cricket as you flip pages

If the World Cup is here, can the quiz book be far behind? This book seems to have been rustled hurriedly, but without harming its quality.

The Puffin History of India for Children

Simply written histories of India are rare. And in demand, as was proved by the first edition of this book so well.

North India Human Development Report

HDR indicators are increasingly being tabulated for smaller units like provinces and districts. This book analyses these indicators in four north Indian states.

White Mughals

When even hard-nosed critics say William Dalrymple has surpassed himself with his latest book about India

Mastermind India Volume 1

For all those who missed the quiz show on television, here is a rerun, albeit in printed form. The contests of the first 3 years are compiled into a mega volume.
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