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And three is a crowd

The elections are not really round the corner, but the talk of political alignments is already in the air. And as always, there will be talk of a Third Front. Chanakya writes.

Not by fear or favour

The real debate on corruption and an effective Lokpal has been obscured by allegations, apologies and angst. This is no way in which to conduct a debate on corruption. Chanakya writes.

As a matter of policy

The movement of the Pensions Bill offers hope that policy is not completely held hostage. The average Indian household faces four hours of outage every day in peak summer. Where do pensions fit in all of this? Read on. Chanakya writes.

It's the politics, stupid

The G20 is a nascent body without even a secretariat. It reflects a shifting international power situation.

Reforming the reforms

The policy inertia we see today is partly because conviction within the Congress-led governing coalition is weak. Chanakya writes.

No identity, no crisis

We are in a competitive world - we cannot allow ourselves to be straitjacketed into narrow definitions, Chanakya writes.

Time to think small

Pranab Mukherjee is chugging along quite comfortably to the magnificent confines of Rashtrapati Bhavan leaving behind him an economy that is rapidly becoming paler by the day. Chanakya writes.

Question of our future

India, an aspiring superpower, has the dubious distinction of having the largest number of child workers. Chanakya writes.

The price we must pay

Prices are on a tear in most things the middle class spends on ..but we don't know how fast they are rising overall. Chanakya writes. 

Old's not always gold

We need to stop this veneration of the tried and tested. At times, young ministers should be given important portfolios. Chanakya writes.

Don’t make light of it

Coming as it did in a sticky season, the power shutdown will only precipitate the slide of India's image. Chanakya writes. 

Ring out the old

The perception that Akhilesh is tied to daddy's apron strings is reinforced when Yadav senior pulls him up in public. Chanakya writes.

With friends like Didi

If there is one Indian politician closest in demeanour to the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland, it would be Mamata Banerjee, Chanakya writes.

We need retail therapy

Reforms in India have reached adulthood after a prolonged two decades of adolescent angst. It is about time we realise that with this comes greater responsibility: to see that modern aspirations, and the means to achieving them, are cast wider for a nation of young Indians, Chanakya writes.

My way or the highway

I feel that in the best interests of the party and himself, Narendra Modi should stop being so much of a control freak. Chanakya writes.
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