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Regional Takes

Jasdeep, we miss you!

“Bhul gaye ji!” Jasdeep Malhotra would most probably have said in his smart-but-honest style. He would be so wrong. It’s been one year since Jasdeep passed away, but the memories are as fresh, his caustic-but-often-true comments still ring in the ears, his so-full-of-life persona is physically absent, but how can anyone forget that laughter? Or that must-be-said piercing remark which only he would have the courage to utter?

Jallo family and Nangal Lubana village

Villages sending large numbers of men to the armed forces are our valuable military heritage to be cherished. Likewise military families deserve a special place in our esteem. Writes Mandeep Singh Bajwa.

Tale of 2 couples

Sarabjit Mahal and his better half, Basant, are not the standard, large group, raucous set of birders. Here is the Ambala-based couple's personal story about a pair of the magnificent Pallas’s fish-eagle. A vulnerable species, this eagle is known to hunt waterbirds as large as geese and also pirate food from other predators. Writes Vikram Jit Singh

Tax-free entertainment

While on our way back from school, we indulged in a kind of luxury, availing it free of cost, as also partly fulfilling our desire to watch movies in those days, when they came with an impassioned beseeching of parents, guardians and seniors. Writes Rajbir Deswal.

A 5,000-rupee note

My parents encouraged me to dream. Unless you dream, you don't become big in life, they held. As a youngster, I started dreaming of dream girl Hema Malini to be my better half. Writes Dr Rajan Chugh.

It's never too late

William shakespeare once said, “I wasted time and now doth time waste me.” It would be better to put time to good use instead of getting wasted by time. That way, we will have the satisfaction of knowing that we, for our part, never allowed time to hang heavy on our hands! Writes Parambir Kaur.

Which, which stories, Dr Dhillon?

Dr Dhillon finished Act IV of Macbeth with the end of the first period. But before he read exeunt, he wanted to finish one more scene. He was the school principal and wasn’t always available to teach. So, whenever he could, he preferred to take two classes in a row — “so we can finish Macbeth before your first prelims,” he told us. Dr Dhillon taught us English.writes Rakesh Kumar

Teetotaller's test

Thirty years ago, those were the golden days of college. The campus atmosphere was electrifying. Student elections were on. The campaigning was fierce and the competition tough. Every voter was a VIP. Writes Jagvir Goyal.

The father I strive to be

I must confess I had a superficial role in bringing up my children and, in the same breath, I am proud to have discharged my primary duty of being a provider as a pro-active, concerned, and responsible caretaker. Writes Col Avnish Sharma (retd).

Of faith, floods and stone pelting

It was just last year when a tragedy struck Uttarakhand. It appeared as if the mountains and rivers had conspired against believers as colossal flashes of water mixed with boulders swept away hundreds of thousands who had come seeking the blessings of their gods. Thousands of bodies still lie buried under the debris across the Kedarnath valley. Writes Narender S Thakur.

No one killed Jyoti

She was 23 years old. A Dalit from a village in Hoshiarpur district in Punjab’s Doaba region. Daughter of a small-time tailor. Dared to live in Chandigarh. And even had an illicit relationship with a powerful, married man for whom she worked. Writes Aarish Chhabra.

The perfect business plan

A recurring observation in the tricity is that setting up a business for their sons and daughters is a prime worry for the city’s retired officer-elite. A question often posed is: “Which business offers the most margins at the least effort? We have this-and-this property in …(and so on)." Writes Madhusheel Arora.

Of shooting stars and diehard fans

When a die-hard fan of the Hindi cinema from the city wrote the book A Fan Remembers as a tribute to actress Sadhana, it brought alive memories of the swinging 1960s. An era of hand-painted posters, shooting stars and hardcore fans of Indian cinema, the book is a walk down the memory lane of the golden era of Indian cinema. Writes Nirupama Dutt.

The tumbler trap

Fish poachers deploy many an ingenious method but this one was startling. On a ramble through the Shiwaliks, I came across a boy and a man placing steel tumblers in a gushing rivulet near Nanakpur village on the Pinjore-Baddi highway. Writes Vikram Jit Singh.

Calm or stormy, no friend like weather

Perhaps, nothing is more talked about, discussed, enjoyed, suffered, and tolerated across the world than weather. Be it January, June, August or December, there will always be people complaining and whining about it. Writes Promil Dada.
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