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Akali-BJP ties: Boys must not be boys

The BJP is on song these days. Almost anything the party touches turns to gold, thanks largely to the presence of a modern Midas in its ranks. In a stunning reversal of fortunes, Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to have built an impressive political edifice virtually on the ruins of a party that not too long ago wore the look of eternity in Indian politics. Writes Harcharan Bains.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh a binding cord in India- Pakistan relations

I have just returned from Kasauli after attending the Khushwant Singh literature festival where you obviously run into some interesting, vibrant and intelligent people. However some encounters remain special and for me that was my chat withPakistan’s Fakir Syed Aijazuddin whose three ancestors, Fakir Azzizudin, Nurrudin and Imamaudin had held some of the most important portfolios in Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s court. Writes Kushwant Singh

My ‘Maid in India’ campaign

Years ago, I refused to emigrate to the US for post-MBBS studies, even after clearing its qualifying examination with distinction. I said goodbye to American citizenship and greener pastures. Apart from the love for motherland and parents, what kept me back was also my weakness for Indian food and the scary thought of doing own chores. Writes Dr.Rajan Chugh

How fair is fair?

We Indians are obsessed with fair complexion; we Punjabis especially consider it a benchmark of beauty. The umpteen brands of creams being sold on television and in the print media all claim to give a fair glow to the skin. It's easy to be carried away by the propaganda. Writes Pushpa Peshawari.

Memories in a blue suitcase

It was that time of the year again. A time when all family and children come home to roost. The girls from their marital homes, the boys on leave from their universities or work. Dussehra and Diwali are fun, even poignant times because the planning and feverish excitement starts weeks before. Writes Pallavi Singh.

Military diplomacy with China at what cost?

On September 25, Lt Gen Zhu Fuzi, Political Commissar, Chengdu Military Area Command, was received at Headquarters Eastern Command, Kolkata, along with a seven-member People’s Liberation Army delegation on a two-day visit. This, even as Chinese troops were ensconced in our territory in the Chumar area of Ladakh. Writes Mandeep Singh Bajwa.

Bow to the Love Charger

The pants are tight and leather. The jacket is sleeveless, metal-studded. The hair is long, flowing. The singing is mostly in English, Hindi, Punjabi, and probably another language that I can’t understand. The lyrics are quite inspiring at a gut level, even if it’s mostly just the hook line. The verbal histrionics are admirable. Writes Aarish Chhabra.

All’s well that sells well

It was I who banished the little salesman from my life, when I bid adieu to rickety roadways buses and entered the ‘Orbit’ of luxury coaches. Gone was the nameless guy who sold the portable manual juicer for a song. Writes Vikramdeep Johal.

Domesticated ignorance

These peculiar-looking ducks dabbling and basking at the Sukhna Lake have mystified even the leading lights of the tricity’s birding brigade. One of these was photographed last December amid a flock of migratory Ruddy shelducks by a birder, who thought it was a juvenile of the migratory Common shelduck. Writes Vikram Jit Singh.

Karva Chauth, anything but lunacy

Karva Chauth 2014 came and went but for me, 30 years young, whose marriage is only two years old, the third fast was remarkable in many ways. Not because of the deprivation inflicted on my physical being, but for the mental turmoil I endured dealing with a flood of questions and conflicting answers that shook my beliefs before leading me to spiritual fulfilment. Writes Anusha Singh.

The travails of an author

If by dint of sheer determination, pluck, and all kinds of heavenly assistance, one does manage to become a published author, one has to be prepared for the next phase of life, which is facing the many challenges that the status of being an author brings with it. Writes Vivek Atray.

Man proposes, God disposes

When I completed my matriculation in 1959,one of my cousins was planning to go to the US. I, too, insisted on going abroad but my parents did not agree, saying I was their only son. I had to reconcile.Writes Cdr DPS Bajwa(retd)

Dr Jhatka, who gave us a shock

Remembering Pran Kumar Sharma, late creator of Chacha Chaudhary, also reminds me of Dr Jhatka, another popular character that first appeared in Hindi comic magazine 'Lotpot' as part of Kripa Shankar Bhardwaj strip Motu-Patlu. Writes Col Avnish Sharma (retd).

A bright feathered tale

After a usual workday, I got home late evening, unlocked the door, peeped into the hall and, as every day, called out aloud: "Birdeeezzzzzz," to say hello to my feathered little friends, a pair of bright yellow miniature cockatiels. The response wasn't enthusiastic. Never mind; who says birds can't be moody. Writes Anusha Singh.

Bringing back sanity on our roads

Every day we read about people dying in road accidents. Apart from this almost every one of us has faced road rage in one form or the other. The problem seems to be assuming alarming proportions. Writes Prabhjot Singh Mand, IAS (RETD)
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