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TRS doesn't seem to have a blueprint for the way ahead

Telangana has run into a second phase of problems just after the birth of the new state. After the creation of a new entity, the TRS leadership does not appear to have a blueprint for the way ahead.

Pakistan crisis will weaken Sharif's authority significantly

Nawaz Sharif is expected to hold on to power but this crisis will weaken his authority significantly. His tenure has been forgettable so far, marked by a failure to govern with the degree of urgency that Pakistan needs.

Time to call on Colombo

The points of contention with Sri Lanka, unlike say with a Pakistan, are very few and can easily be sorted out. There is a strong government with a decisive mandate in both countries. This affords both the best possible chance to take ties to the next level.

Pak should not have let meetings with separatists derail talks with India

No one can blame India for saying that despite fair warning, Pakistan has fired the first hostile salvo by these meetings. As for the separatists, people would take them a bit more seriously if they would come out with a blueprint of their own.

BJP's leadership change may make it party with a difference

Clear division of responsibility within the BJP will only strengthen it unlike what happened in the Congress era when the persistent question of diarchy put a shadow on the normal functioning of the government.

BCCI must demand answers from team management

India’s capitulation in the Test series in England is not just shocking but points to a deep malaise. However, India will have to look within. Their catching was appalling, and the spills sucked the fight out of the seamers, who did create chances in helpful conditions.

It’s a little too cosy now

Can commerce and unflinching public interest rest well in the same bosom? Some think it can be a carefully managed ropewalk, while critics see significant room for conflict of interest.

Government must steer clear of exclusivist dogmas

PM Narendra Modi minced no words on the need to turn away from communalism in his Independence Day speech. But there seems a disconnect between his sentiments and those of some in his party.

India can do without the hunt for the Saraswati

While it would be wrong to grade Union ministries on a scale of importance (each ministry is a vital cog in the government machinery), one can safely say that the ministry for water resources should figure quite high up on such a list.

China shouldn't view India-ASEAN consolidation in zero sum terms

India has a difficult balancing act to maintain in East Asia. It wants to strengthen economic links with China while responding to the strategic imperative of improving ties with the region including with countries like Vietnam that look to New Delhi to balance Beijing.

Post Shanti Bhushan’s comment, AAP should call for introspection

Following Kejriwal's crashlanding in the Lok Sabha elections after the heady days of being Delhi chief minister, he is facing the heat from none other than a founding member of the party, the illustrious Shanti Bhushan.

Public recriminations should not come in India-Pak way

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a surprise attack on Pakistan during his visit to Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday.

BJP and RSS must learn not to work at cross-purposes

They were not expected to see eye to eye on many issues, but the ruling BJP will be hard put to explain away some of the remarks made by the chief of its mentor organisation, the RSS.

Bharat Ratna recipients too should be selected by a panel of peers

The questioning of these awards can go on ad nauseum. Why are there not more women in the honours’ list? The Congress wants the award to go to Annie Besant. The Dalit hero Kanshi Ram is Mayawati’s choice.

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