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Lobbying law will remove stigma associated with it

In India, there is no law that bars lobbying. But it may be about time to create a statutory structure for regulation of lobbying firms laying down the rules for mandatory disclosure of earnings.

India needs alternative policies to prevent rise of communalism

The NaMo-RaGa cacophony is seriously eroding the foundations of Indian parliamentary democracy by threatening to replace it with some sort of a presidential form of democracy. Sitaram Yechury writes.

The sky’s the limit here

To work as a tool of deterrence and nation building and to fight wars, the IAF needs more stakeholder support, writes Arjun Subramaniam.

Narendra Modi should make real promises, solve real issues

The BJP’s prime ministerial candidate should know that national pride lies in not wanting the world to look at India in admiration. It lies in making your country a better place for its citizens. Namita Bhandare writes.

Nowadays everything is brilliant, awesome, mind-blowing...

Sardar Patel was the 'most powerful man of his time', and Sachin Tendulkar, 'the greatest batsman of all times'. In this era of two minutes of fame, circumscribed by pockets of influence, people take to superlatives quicker than they catch a cold. Prasenjit Chowdhury writes.

Not at home in their homeland

India needs a single legislation specifying the rights and entitlements of conflict-induced displaced people, writes KumKum Dasgupta.

Maldives presidential poll: a muddle of objections

A spate of scheduling, cancelling and annulling of elections over the last three months in the Maldives has eroded whatever little legitimacy was left in its public institutions. Sreeram Chaulia writes.

Hitting where it hurts most

One could not agree with Union agriculture minister Sharad Pawar more when he reminds Maharashtra chief minister Prithviraj Chavan that he owes his high office to the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP).

India’s got talent….and so does Pakistan

Relations between India and Pakistan may be on a downward curve. But, one would never guess this if one were visiting the Wagah-Attari border, where both Indians and Pakistanis show their talent at the 'Beating Retreat ceremony'. Khimi Thapa writes.

It’s time to let girls be girls, not mothers

Adolescent pregnancy is a problem that affects us socially and economically. Thus it is in our best interest to reduce it. Babatunde Osotimehin, under-secretary-general, United Nations, and executive director, the United Nations Population Fund writes.

Reading between India, Bharat and Hindustan

Bharat is where we dream and Hindustan where we live and where the common man and woman faces inflation with poverty, extravagance with squalor, corruption with defeat.

The new Akond of Swat

Early this week, the Olympic torch for the Sochi winter games in Russia next year was spacewalked outside the International Space Station. The torch was unlit since it may have proven hazardous to the crew.

Now why does this sound so familiar?

We, who worship gods and goddesses with noticeably Greco-Roman ways — and also deal with the ‘system’ so comically described in ‘The Ordeal of Richard Feverel’ by George Meredith in 1859.

'Integration, joint planning needed to bolster national security'

India cannot seem to project real power. Our policy making institutions are fragmented, with civilian leadership prioritised over coordination efficiency. Varun Gandhi writes.
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