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Give and receive

According to Newton's third law of motion, "to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." This principle applies to our karma and life as well.

Regal relics of the Raj

It is time something was done in concert to map all historic buildings like the Raj Bhavan of Kolkata and restore them delicately and prudently, Gopalkrishna Gandhi writes.

Wield a very big stick

If this week’s inhuman killing of two Indian jawans near the Line of Control seems like a movie we’ve seen before, it may spawn sequels in the months ahead, writes Anirudh Bhattacharyya.

Not with you, not for you

To reform the force effectively, restructure the basic units like the police stations. CP Bhambhri writes.

Let’s reach out in time

The tallest barriers to our capacities for empathy are not for rape victims but the perpetrators. They, too, are worthy of our compassion and understanding. Harsh Mander writes.

Break this cycle of intimidation

Official amnesia from 1947 onwards set the terms for perpetuating apathy towards gender-specific violence.  Paramita Ghosh writes.


Making sense of science

To develop a 'scientific temper', bridge the gap between the public and scientists. KumKum Dasgupta writes. 

Divine intervention

I had an unforgettable experience recently in the driving license renewal office in Chandigarh. I was waiting in the queue with my papers. There was a queue only for senior citizens and ladies.

We need a strong fence

India has to evolve responses that hurt those elements in Pakistan that conspire against us. For a start, New Delhi can put a stop to confidence-building measures. Vikram Sood writes.

This is an age of unreason

There is a strong case for amending the country’s Juvenile Justice Act. George Thomas writes.

The going gets tough

Given the bleak global economic scenario, India’s survival strategy must be driven by a massive expansion of its domestic demand and consumption capacity. Sitaram Yechury writes.

It’s a hundred miles to peace

Poverty is day-to-day violence, no less destructive than war. If social balance is to be restored, we must remove it. Ela Bhatt writes.

History comes full circle

Afzal Guru's hanging will further fracture Kashmir's bruised conciousness. Hilal Mir writes.

Working things out

MNREGA has led to perhaps the largest financial inclusion drive in recent times. Now the focus should be on transparency in its execution, writes Reetika Khera.

Sitting with the coffins of their dead

Pakistan's government and military alike are silent on who is promoting the murder of Shias in Baluchistan.
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