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Speak softly but carry a big stick

India should have a two-pronged strategy to address the growing threat from Pakistan’s military and jihadi forces, writes Arvind Virmani.

People like us: how rich, educated treat domestic helps

It seems like an epidemic of maid abuse cases. Since October 1, a top executive in a foreign firm, an airhostess, a dentist and an NRI have been arrested for allegedly torturing their helps. Shivani Singh writes. Video shows MP's wife teaching dog tricks to maid

Health and education must be country’s central agenda

The current political discourse must be radically altered by making health and education central to the country’s agenda and policy trajectory. Sitaram Yechury writes.

CHOGM has lost its relevance, it is relic of the past

With only 27 heads of government attending the CHOGM, it is clear the Commonwealth has lost its relevance.

Democracy's hope: why we must cheer for AAP even if it fails

The AAP has reclaimed those ideals of our democracy that have been persistently violated over the decades, to the point that they are now dismissed as nothing more than manifestations of impractical idealism.

The inconvenient fact of drug resistance

With the power of anti-microbial and anti-bacterial drugs literally coming to an end, some 9.5 million people in developing countries paid the price for the growing resistance of bugs. Sudhirendar Sharma writes.

Ashes: Australia has more issues to address than England

Since England landed in Australia, it's all been about the problems facing the tourists and how the home side is settled for the Ashes series. That may not be entirely correct. Ian Chappell writes.

No power to fire India's development dreams

Power being the backbone of industrial development, progressive second-rung reforms and creation of a healthy investment climate must be undertaken without further delay. Atul Sehgal writes.

Keep the coasts clear for small-scale fishermen

The World Fisheries Day was celebrated on Thursday and the best way to thank artisanal fishers, the ones who bring food to our plates with the gentlest footprint on nature, would be to get the DLCCs up and running and let them be the drafters of the CZMPs.

JFK was man of action; always searched for challenges

What made Kennedy so unique? "There was a magic about him which was very rare for a politician. He never had to worry about who he was." And that it was because of this quality that Kennedy brought a sense of purpose and excitement to government.

No room for hatred, as winter session is UPA's last chance

The continued human suffering and cynical engineering of social ruptures in Muzaffarnagar is another reminder of the imperative for a law to prevent further communal violence.

Sachin should give up pursuing money and power

Your Bharat Ratna did not come, as it used to, as a pleasant surprise. It came with a “lekin…” But now, Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar, surprise the nation by what you do with it. Writes Gopalkrishna Gandhi.

Chinese whispers on ideological rift get louder

The ‘Resolution on Certain Questions in the History of Our Party since the Founding of the People’s Republic of China’ adopted by the Communist Party of China (CPC) on June 27, 1981 remains the only document, which tried to appraise ‘the historical role of Comrade Mao Zedong’.

A Calmer You: can I have a tissue, please?

A Calmer You disclaimer: Before I begin, let me inform you that I’m a clean person, lest this write-up gives you a wrong impression. I brush my teeth daily and try to take a bath on most days. However, I continue to suffer from a phobia of those who have a phobia of germs.

Cruel cut: Female circumcision in East Africa

Vivian Magero, 23, was nine when she narrowly escaped female genital mutilation (FGM), also referred to as female circumcision.

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