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The policing of desire

Today is the third anniversary of the Naz judgement. The Supreme Court should not overrule it and must uphold the rights of the LGBT community, writes Gautam Bhan.

A little more light please

Power tariffs must be increased to resuscitate the distribution utilities. Lalit Jalan writes.

Look before you leap

Global university rankings have become extraordinarily powerful. Phil Baty writes.

A licence to kill

Canada must stop exporting asbestos to developing nations like India.

A cure for all ills

Physicians must prescribe quality-assured generic drugs that are cheap and effective instead of branded alternatives, writes K Srinath Reddy.

Where honour is due

Satyendra Nath Bose’s work does not get the acclaim it deserves. Priyamvada Natarajan writes. 

Not a capital solution

Death is not an effective deterrent against violent crime. Rajindar Sachar writes.

Hate begets hate

It is long overdue that the people of this diverse nation affirm that nothing — absolutely nothing — can justify communal violence. Harsh Mander writes.

It’s hardly a sound plan

The chapter on health in the 12th Five-Year Plan must be revised. Poonam Muttreja writes.

Are we really alone?

National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (Nasa) Curiosity, the rover now on Mars, may find evidence for creatures that lived early in Martian history, firm evidence for even the most primitive bugs would have huge import.

The truth of the relationship

The US and China would rather work with each other than confront each other, even if they are perceived as rivals. Ali Velshi writes.

Get communities involved

Money from bio-trade and rich nations cannot save India’s rich biodiversity. Kanchi Kohli and Shalini Bhutani  write.

Spoon-feeding Melghat

The resource-rich area has an ugly side story: every year, malnutrition kills 400-500 children here. Creative solutions hold the key to its recovery, writes KumKum Dasgupta.

Good economics may not be poor politics

The credibility of economic measures depends on the credibility of the government. Ramakrishnan TS writes.

Live beyond self

If you look around, nobody seems to be happy with his job. Everybody wants to reach higher and acquire more status and money. No harm in that. But, if that becomes the only obsession of your life, then you are missing something in this precious short life.
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