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Karan Thapar

Bombay vs Mumbai

In 1995, Bombay became Mumbai but, sadly, with the name a lot more seems to have changed. Bombay was India’s most avant-garde city. Karan Thapar elaborates.

Are we overdoing it?

Silent emotion, borne with restraint and courage, is far more moving than an uncontrolled display of howling loss, writes Karan Thapar.

Springing pleasant surprises

What a wonderful way we ushered in spring this year. The Railway Budget was good, the general Budget was even better and our cricketers won international laurels, writes Khushwant Singh.

The Major and the General

Are you aware the defence services regard politicians with contempt? In Daddy’s time they used to refer to them as ‘dhoti-kurtawallahs’, writes Karan Thapar.

The untold Advani story

In the end, the Agra summit failed. LK Advani and Ashraf Qazi's best efforts were in vain, but the bond they formed did not snap, writes Karan Thapar.

A time to stand up

The India I would be proud of would respect the right of every Tibetan refugee to peacefully and lawfully protest, writes Karan Thapar.

Thank God for Email

I’m not sure what we did before the email, but I doubt if reading unexpected letters was such fun. I have a collection of correspondents who often have me in splits, writes Karan Thapar.

Am I to blame?

Now that the Congress spokesperson has dismissed this chorus as sycophancy, I wonder what Rahul’s partymen and allies have to say? It puts them in a bit of a dilemma, writes Karan Thapar.

To our politicians

I  have a question to ask our politicians: don’t you have better things to do than work yourselves into a froth about cheer girls, asks Karan Thapar.

Bottoms-up Islamabad!

From Zia the Puritan to Musharraf the Epicurean, Pakistan has come a long way. And now, with democracy restored the changes are likely to be greater and faster, writes Karan Thapar.

Pushpa, Kamal not Prachanda!

Prachanda, the leader of the Communist party in Nepal, is a man whose name is in complete contrast to his actual personality, writes Karan Thapar.

A weekend in Kabul

The biggest surprise is Afghanistan’s growing fascination for cricket. As I drove to Kargah I saw boys playing in the fields, writes Karan Thapar.

Why names matter

By persisting with our nomenclatural obduracy, all we’ve succeeded in doing is make it more difficult for people to talk about our great cities, writes Karan Thapar.

Wish I had said no

The story of Benazir Bhutto engaging in N-smuggling is both the high point and the weakness of Shyam Bhatia’s book, writes Karan Thapar.

It's time to say sorry

Whilst elsewhere in India elections provided a safety valve to ventilate anger, in Kashmir they became a means of denying freedom and subjecting the people to unrepresentative rule, writes Karan Thapar.
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