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A Calmer You: change your password. Right now!

“Ma’am, please try to remember,” said the IT guy, adjusting his nerdy glasses. He looked as frustrated as the class teacher of a child who, despite being paid special attention through the year...

The law should be the master of technology

Where should one draw the boundaries between secrecy, openness and security? Probably not by privatising the right to publish, when it comes to the work of the security agencies.

Stop thinking nonsense: Cyrus Broacha

And I’ll give you some relief…. err… that is, provided, I’m not doing a headstand at the time.

A Calmer You: so you are a misfit. Big deal!

In trying too hard to ‘belong’ in a group, don’t lose sight of who you really are.

Religions can die when there is no one to pray

If religions are born, they must also be able to die. How does this happen? I think we can discount at once the idea that it happens because people realise that science is better.

Banning the Brotherhood will worsen Egypt’s troubles

Egypt’s new military-backed leaders should be mindful of the fact that demonising the Brotherhood and banning the group are likely to hamper the cause of those calling for its reform.

Last orders: A chilled pitcher of milk and an all-night party?

It’s not uncommon for politicians to talk about ‘wishing’ for a better nightlife for Mumbai. It’s a card that many — except some like RR Patil, who seem to enjoy controversies — have used to their advantage time and again. Serena Menon writes.

We’re not suffering from a lack of knowledge

The IPCC’s climate scientists deserve praise for continuing the fight with another report — generally humans prefer denial

A Calmer You: who’s the joke really on?

Tired of being the butt of their jokes? Take pity on those who would have no laughter in life if YOU won’t oblige.

Warning: Indian Politics May Be Injurious To Sane People

Google celebrated its 15th birthday with a piñata doodle on its homepage, thereby overclocking the already melted brains of Candy Crush slaves. Whacking away at the hapless decoration...

The white widow seen in shades of grey

A vague feeling suggests that ‘white widow’ Samantha Lewthwaite was not the field commander of the Nairobi shopping mall attack, in which at least 72 people died and scores more are still missing.

10 things to achieve before the end of the world

We have up to 3.25bn years to sort out gender equality, tangle-free headphones and end to global poverty. Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett writes.

The secret art of the music that made the movies

How far are we supposed to notice soundtrack music? The received wisdom is that the best score is the one you don’t notice.

Let’s be honest while remembering the dead

The art of the obituary is the art of the euphemism. Eulogies need careful translation: the ‘eccentric’ are really the social outcasts and if you read that someone ‘enjoyed a tipple’, it’s safe to assume you’re reading about the life and times of an alcoholic.
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