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The ‘Lehman Sisters’ logic is simply bogus

One of the most enduring and, to me, infuriating tropes thrown up by the financial crisis of 2008 is that the crash might not have happened if Lehman Brothers had been ‘Lehman Sisters’.

Last orders: the ‘safe’ bubble bursts

I moved to the city 10 years ago. Back then, all I knew was that it had a reputation for two things — a famed nightlife, and the fact that it was safe for women.

‘Don’t jump the gun’

Just write to uncle And I’ll give you some relief…. err… that is, provided, I’m not doing a headstand at the time.

Afraid to get tested?

Many serious illnesses can be averted with early detection, but the fear of getting diagnosed keeps many people away from getting tested, writes Jonathan Hoffman.

Too many balls up in the air

For some weeks it appeared that a war in, and about, Syria was likely. The truth about Syria is now blurred and the situation is going to remain messy with so many crossed wires, writes Vikram Sood.

How India's food security question can be answered

The issue of food security is understood not in terms of how much food is produced, but rather, whether and how those in need gain access to that food, write Bill Pritchard and Anu Rammohan.

Russia wants a relationship of equals with the US

The undisputed fact about the tussle around Syria is the re-emergence of Russia as a major international player. With its proposal that Syria surrender its chemical weapons, Russia has gone from the ‘spoiler’ to a positive force. Nandan Unnikrishnan writes.

Safeguard economy by reversing present form of globalisation

If we want to save ourselves from periodic shocks, we need to reverse the form of globalisation. Why should we face economic woes if Republicans and Democrats in America can’t get their act together? Ashish Kothari writes.

Right to reject insufficient to register protest

Now that the apex court has allowed us to press the none-of-the-above button in EVMs, it is too small a symbol to register our protest against a bigger systemic malaise. Prasenjit Chowdhury writes.

Muzaffarnagar was waiting to happen

Before you ask who posted the video of the two youths being lynched in Muzaffarnagar, remember in riots there are no truths, just beliefs. They are run by a well-oiled political machine and are here to stay, writes Prasenjit Chowdhury.

Keep environment first and development will last

Developmental activities such as dam building, excessive tourism in ecologically sensitive areas for commercial gain are just a few examples of the self-destructive steps and misplaced priorities, writes Nivedita Khandekar.

This is a homemade, artificial crisis

There is more to onion prices than what meets the eye. Despite no shortfall in production, the prices are rising because the government is unwilling to act against traders. Markets are willfully manipulated, writes Devinder Sharma.

Maharashtra villages fear road to city will destroy business

New development plans for the 'Dharavi Bhet' envisage a bridge link that could end the area’s relative isolation from the suburban sprawl across the creek. But most residents of the villages do not want the bridge. Manoj R Nair writes.

Strangers in our own land

Thanks to our diversity, we all have unresolved questions about ourselves as persons and also as members of the large joint family that is India. We have never found it easy to explain ourselves to ourselves. Gopalkrishna Gandhi writes.
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