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Yanking the ground from under our feet

Judge India by the quality of its pavements. It will explain how we treat most of our — and most vulnerable — citizens. writes Samar Halarnkar.

India's new Avatar

A bauxite mine on Niyamgiri's sacred hills now seems unlikely. Belatedly, the Centre appears to be enforcing its own laws. What lies beneath? Samar Halarnkar writes.

Not a grain of truth

On Monday, in an affidavit to the Supreme Court, the food ministry admitted the figure for decayed grain was not 50,000 tonnes, but 67,000 tonnes, or nearly six times higher than Pawar had admitted. That’s enough to feed 1.9 lakh families for a month, says Samar Halarnkar.

Now, the bad news

India’s medals tally is at an all-time high. So is its global hunger ranking. Unlike the Commonwealth Games, there are no last-minute fixes for the latter. Can the new icons help? Samar Halarnkar asks.

India’s micro vision

One man’s profits have brought the wrong kind of political attention to a sector that could aid the government and energise the poor, writes Samar Halarnkar.

Dangerous liaisons

Radiagate is forcing Indian journalism to ask of itself questions it prefers to ignore. It needs to ask many more. Samar Halarnkar writes.

The case for cash

India’s corrupt system of indirect subsidies can’t deliver inclusive growth. As the government falters, the argument for paying the poor grows. Samar Halarnkar writes.

Meet Mother India

Married at nine, abandoned at 20, now a mother to 1,000 children. A movie reminds India of the extraordinary life of Sindhutai Sapkal. Samar Halarnkar writes.

Thought for food

A sudden spike in headaches at a Delhi hospital made insurance companies and government officials suspicious. Samar Halarnkar writes.

Powerless in Urjanchal

It is destined to be a national hub of light, a ‘new Singapore’. But for five lakh tribals and lower castes, Singrauli is India’s heart of darkness. Samar Halarnkar writes.

The few, the brave

A Brazilian writer’s comment finds an echo in Kashmir, a bank officer from Shopian enters Bollywood, and the need grows for reconciliation. Samar Halarnkar writes.

Message from Auraiya

A life sentence for a police officer, a politician and his goons shows how India's shaky system can work — if citizens make it work. Samar Halarnkar writes.

Mr Kumar cleans up

An IAS officer wins a town’s admiration after cleaning a school lavatory. India could do with some toilet training. Samar Halarnkar writes.

Nature of poverty

Millions of Indians need a helping hand. An ideological schism at the top reflects the uncertainty about how to do this. Samar Halarnkar writes.

Accepting Aamir

The battle against terror is setting itself up for failure if innocents are implicated and, if set free, offered no apology or reparation. Samar Halarnkar writes.
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