‘It was a fight between two gentlemen’

Malaika Arora-Khan discusses the Shah Rukh Khan-Salman Khan conflagration, her son Arhaan and some more..quizzed by Rachana Dubey.

Hello, haven’t your sister Amrita Arora and you lost too much weight of late. It’s being attributed to unhealthy pills rather than a healthy diet?
You think I look too thin? I must check my weight, pronto. Yes, both Amu and I have trimmed down substantially but if pills were involved, wouldn’t I be endorsing them and making millions? Such allegations are so unfair.

What is your equation with Shah Rukh Khan after the fight at Olive’s with your brother-in-law, Salman Khan?
He’s a friend, always will be. The fight was between the two gentlemen, I had nothing to do with it. I wasn’t even there at the party. (Makes a face) There were stories circulating about that too.

Your son Arhaan is said to be really fond of  Katrina Kaif aunty.
(Smiles) Yeah, he adores her. She spends a lot of time playing with him and is really warm. He’s fond of Amrita, Bebo (Kareena Kapoor) and all the gori chhitti actresses close to the family. He’s a typical Indian male with a fixation for women who are fair and good-looking.

He’ll get into the movies then?
(Laughs) He’s already quite a performer at home and keeps his uncles, aunts and grandparents entertained. But I don’t know, it will be his decision.
Isn’t he old enough to have a brother or sister?

(Blushes) A second child will happen. Arhaan keeps asking for a little sister. He thinks he can buy one.

When will we see you and Arbaaz in a film together?
(Shrugs) No idea but I am doing a special appearance song with him in one of his  projects.

Rakhi Sawant on Dus Ka Dum said that the only reason you weren’t called an ‘item girl’ was because Salman Khan is your godfather.
In that case I should be in every Salman film and in every special appearance song he does. He hasn’t made me,  I’m a self-made woman.

It’s said you are miffed with Salman and the Khan family for not supporting Arbaaz professionally?
What should they do for him? Launch a movie, get him roles or spoon feed him on which scripts to accept and refuse? The brothers are very close-knit but career decisions can’t be taken on his behalf.

EMI is the first film in which you will be doing more than singing a song?
I had an ‘acting’ role in Kaante too, it was supposed to be lengthier. I was supposed to shoot for one more song  and a few more scenes. But then I got pregnant. This is a lengthier role.

Both  Amrita and you  seem to be game to perform at private parties and weddings.
If my presence can make someone’s big day special, I’m okay with that. So many of us are doing it. What’s wrong? I’m not bringing a bad name to my family.

Are we going to see you in Nach Baliye 4? 
I’m taking a tiny commercial break from TV. I’m doing a TV show which hopefully will  take off only two months later.

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