HindustanTimes Sun,20 Apr 2014

Gopalkrishna Gandhi

A flagstaff of a man

Radhakrishnan made India realise that the vice-president’s office was not a decorous redundancy but a vitally useful acquisition. Gopalkrishna Gandhi writes.

Dangerous dichotomy

The Maruti strike is symbolic of two competing cultures in India. The poor are trying to balance hunger with resources while the rich are grabbing all they can. Gopalkrishna Gandhi writes.

Frame the future now

Remembering the Mahatma is not at all gratuitous. His life and teachings are relevant even today for India and the world, writes Gopalkrishna Gandhi.

In step with tradition

Jawaharlal Nehru wanted culture — and not politics — to guide the relationship between India and Sri Lanka. Admirably, both have managed to stick to that concept. Gopalkrishna Gandhi writes.

It’s not a smart choice

Cleverness is not intelligence. But in India today, the former is seen as a desirable extension of the latter. This blind investment in cleverness is dangerous, Gopalkrishna Gandhi writes.

I’ll say it my way

The slew of economic reforms that the Union government announced recently shows that today’s India is a divided truth. Gopalkrishna Gandhi writes.

India’s Vibgyor man

Unlike many leaders we have today, LM Singhvi thought of and spoke for India as a whole. Sadly, he has become yet another casualty of our systematic amnesia, Gopalkrishna Gandhi writes.

Perfect reverberations

There is no such thing as a perfect being and perfect behaviour. There are only perfect acts and perfect moments. Gopalkrishna Gandhi writes.

A symbol of Kakayuga

The crow is cruel and cunning because we are also like that. It need not be our national bird, but it is a national fact, a symbol and a shameful one at that, writes Gopalkrishna Gandhi.

Difficult to define

I do not know what horripilate means. And I do not care since I know the actual thing: coincidence experiences. Gopalkrishna Gandhi writes.

A time to remember

As 2012 comes to end, three Indians — vastly different in their temperament and lifestyle — have left an indelible mark on me. Gopalkrishna Gandhi writes.

Getting back on track

If the parties to the Singur case reach an understanding through mediation, the result could herald the agriculture-industry balance that West Bengal urgently needs. Gopalkrishna Gandhi writes.

The essential India

This year gave us many joys and disappointments. But as long as there are schoolchildren like the ones I met recently, the country has hope. Gopalkrishna Gandhi writes.

Regal relics of the Raj

It is time something was done in concert to map all historic buildings like the Raj Bhavan of Kolkata and restore them delicately and prudently, Gopalkrishna Gandhi writes.

Only half our story

We hardly know anything about the wives of several of our great leaders. This is in keeping with our mentality that regards wives as ornamental appendages. Gopalkrishna Gandhi writes.
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