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Gopalkrishna Gandhi

Why 2014 was an extraordinary year for our Republic

The year 2014 was an extraordinary one for me. What made it so is the change I have seen at our — India’s — basic core, writes Gopalkrishna Gandhi.

Change course for a tryst with Nehru’s dreams

It is important for us not to lose sight of the Hind that Jawaharlal Nehru yearned for as we commemorate his 125th anniversary, writes Gopalkrishna Gandhi. 

Sailing on the seas of history

Meera Abraham offered a rare glimpse into the trading traditions of peninsular India and the link between South Indian and Roman merchants. Gopalkrishna Gandhi writes.

The PM must represent India, not just market it

The Indian PM goes with the confidence he will be seen as a symbol of India’s democratic will, India’s scientific audaciousness, India’s economic venturesomeness. But this is to be noted: On his first visit to the US, PM Nehru went to represent, not market India, writes Gopalkrishna Gandhi.

Richard Attenborough told India Gandhi’s story

Richard Attenborough and India coalesce in the life story of Mohandas Gandhi. But the epic success of Gandhi (1982) has obscured from general awareness an earlier association of his with India, writes Gopalkrishna Gandhi.

You could impress Nadine Gordimer, disgust her, but not fool her

Nadine Gordimer’s death at 90 earlier this month revived interest in her life and work as no event in her life had, not since the Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to her in 1991.

Not just figureheads: why the governor's post is important

In suggesting that governors of the day demit office before term, the present government is doing what was done unto it. Tit for tat is not a game to be played for the office, writes Gopalkrishna Gandhi.

Public-spirited individuals are nation’s most ‘loyal’ opposition

Opposition is not about the number of seats in Parliament. Jayaprakash Narayan and C Rajagopalachari were never MPs but their opposition was powerful, writes Gopalkrishna Gandhi.

It’s all out in the open

The rancid noun, the foetid verb and the acid invective that we heard this election season suggest that euphemism is on its way out. Gopalkrishna Gandhi writes.

Modi will be the govt, the govt will be Modi

Modi’s was not just the face of the 2014 elections, it was the only face, full, up-front. All others were profiles. Modi was, in reality, if there can be such a thing, ‘un-utsav-murti’, a festival statue on wheels, writes Gopalkrishna Gandhi.

Why the number of independent MPs is declining

The decline in the number of Independent MPs is because they do not have the infrastructural advantage and money party candidates have.

India needs a thinker, not a despot on its peacock throne

Can people who showed the door even to a person as esteemed as Vajpayee, vote into office a govt headed by one who has split the country into those who worship him and those who fear him? Perhaps they can, perhaps they will, writes Gopalkrishna Gandhi.

Let the new Lok Sabha be less of the nation’s costliest entertainment

The next House will be more of a House and less of the nation’s costliest entertainment. It will have more women MPs than any previous Lok Sabha. It will have no male MP who is guilty of known or unknown violence against women.

Varanasi shouldn't oblige political use of its legacy

If Narendra Modi’s bull-horns do get locked in Varanasi with Arvind Kejriwal’s sharp ram-antlers, we will witness a riveting contest.Varanasi’s hospitality to the two outsiders will be following a notable tradition, writes Gopalkrishna Gandhi.

Governments should use right to transfer officials judiciously

Transfers are rehearsals of retirement from service, even as retirement is, in terms of saying final goodbyes, a pre-play of death. But frequent transfers can make a person feel professionally disintegrated, personally demoralised.
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