Letters to Editor

  • Jun 16, 2013 02:25 IST

    Sunday Letters

    With reference to the report Spare a thought before you waste (Focus, June 9), it is a matter of shame that in India, which is home to the largest number of hungry people in the world, a quantity of wheat equivalent to the entire production of Australia goes to waste.

  • Jul 20, 2013 23:51 IST

    Sunday letters

    With reference to Zofeen Maqsood’s article India @ Work (The Big Story, July 14, ), it is sad to learn that according a survey conducted by Hindustan Times and C- fore, more than half (52%) of working professionals in India do not enjoy their work and do not look forward to new challenges at work.

  • Jul 21, 2013 23:38 IST

    Vox pop

    The Chapra tragedy, in which 27 school children lost their lives after eating contaminated food served as part of the mid-day meal scheme, should be seen in a larger context that points to the government’s inability to implement and monitor a pan-India scheme.

  • Jul 25, 2013 00:34 IST

    Vox pop

    With reference to the editorial The nucl-ear fear factor (July 23), for a developing nation like India whose energy requirement is growing by leaps and bounds, it is difficult to imagine a sustainable and low-carbon energy future without nuclear power and renewable energy sources.

  • Jul 26, 2013 01:36 IST

    Vox Pop

    One cannot agree with Amish in his article Go ahead, be a rebel (Modern Indian, July 25) where he suggests that rebels should remain within the constraints of the law. With rampant lawlessness all around, how can a young person 'constrain' himself/herself?

  • Jul 27, 2013 00:08 IST

    Vox pop

    This refers to the report Don’t want Modi as my PM, says Sen (July 23). I fully endorse Nobel laureate Amartya Sen’s views on Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi.

  • Jul 27, 2013 23:26 IST

    Sunday letters

    This is with reference to ‘Tales from a land of rising inflation’ (The Big Story, July 21). The series of articles rightly highlight the ill-effects of inflation on families across urban India.

  • Jul 29, 2013 00:14 IST

    Vox pop

    It is quite clear that Sen doesn’t want Modi as prime minister.

  • Jul 30, 2013 01:30 IST

    Vox pop

    With reference to the report IAS officer who took on sand mafia shunted (July 29), the suspension of Gautam Budh Nagar sub-divisional magistrate (SDM) Durga Shakti Nagpal, who clamped down on the illegal sand mafia, will set a wrong precedent for all IAS officers who are doing their duty diligently and honestly.

  • Jul 31, 2013 00:05 IST

    Vox pop

    The death of a teenager in the capital, after police fired at a group of stunt bikers, is tragic.

  • Jul 31, 2013 22:15 IST

    Vox pop

    One fails to understand why the investigations into the cases of conflict of interest, spot-fixing, betting, etc, were not handed over to an external agency like the Central Bureau of Investigation. However, it’s never too late to do the right thing.

  • Aug 02, 2013 21:58 IST

    Vox pop

    With reference to Ashish Kothari’s article Myth of the great Indian Myth (August 01), the World Bank report that highlights that environmental degradation is costing India 5.7% of its GDP must prompt policy-makers to swing into action and consider reducing the industrial growth targets that are putting tremendous pressure on the country’s biological capacity.

  • Aug 03, 2013 22:13 IST

    Sunday letters

    Rajnath Singh’s diatribe against the English language is meaningless. It’s undeniable that English is the language of global business. In this day and age, speaking English gives an individual a career advantage and many multinational companies are making it mandatory for their employees to communicate in English.

  • Aug 05, 2013 23:56 IST

    Vox pop

    It is high time Akhilesh Yadav stopped being a proxy CM

  • Aug 07, 2013 00:11 IST

    Vox pop

    I fully endorse Pradeep Magazine’s view in No justification for keeping Rasool benched (Big Picture, August 06) that Kashmiri cricketer Parvez Rasool could have been included in at least the 5th ODI against Zimbabwe.