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Manas Chakravarty

And now, let’s see how the star striker scores

We’ve barely started, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Pricing reform, labour law reform, the works, just wait and see what star striker Arun Jaitely does on Budget Day. Victory will be ours, writes Manas Chakravarty.

Bhutan: Dodgy geography, but great alliteration

The speech was a big hit. The Bhutanese only clap to ward off evil spirits, so they didn’t clap, but showed their appreciation in the traditional way.

Change the goalposts for the beautiful game in India

What do economists have to say about India’s lowly 154th FIFA ranking? They point to irrational expectations, low velocity of circulation of the ball, zero-sum games, indifference curves and general disequilibrium. I personally think the Indian game needs structural adjustment, writes Manas Chakravarty.

Administering a (Comrade) Karat chop to the Left

You may be under the impression that Prakash Karat is responsible for the utter and abject defeat of the Left in the elections and he should resign. You could not be more wrong, writes Manas Chakravarty.

HT Edit: Six things PM Narendra Modi must do immediately

Everybody has been pontificating about what Narendra Modi needs to do now that he’s Prime Minister. Mr Modi is a world leader now and he needs to study what great world leaders do.

Helpful tips from the election agony uncle

Here are the answers to important questions I have been asked about the elections. Writes Manas Chakravarty.

The supermodel who won the election

Gujarat model: I believe I’m the first ever economic model in the world to win an election. Manas Chakravarty has a toungue in cheek take on the model that won thr general election 2014 for BJP.

Slumming it among the yokels; it’s a tough job

We politicos are the most hard-working species ... The least they can do is make me a minister. Manas Chakravarty elocutes.

We’re not quite wits, we’re more like half-wits

India’s politicians trash-talk their rivals: With the race for India’s general elections at full pace, political leaders have stepped up personal attacks and mudslinging: Wall Street Journal.

Essential FAQs for the father of the bride

Ever since my daughter got married last week, I’ve been flooded with questions from prospective fathers-of-brides, urging me to share the wisdom I have gleaned. Here are some frequently asked questions, writes Manas Chakravarty.

It’s time to take sides. Vote for my leader

Dear voter, the choice is before you. Make no mistake, this is an absolutely critical election. In centuries to come, historians will talk in hushed tones about the 2014 polls and how they changed the entire course of the universe.

The untold myths of Bal Narendra

Once upon a time, Bal narendra was doing Narendra Leela by eating mud. When His Mum scolded Him, He opened his mouth to show, not mud, but the whole universe.

Should the country shut down to abide by the EC's rules?

The best thing would be for the governments, at both the Centre and the states, to shut down totally before the elections and let the EC run the country, writes Manas Chakravarty.

Strip clubs? Casinos? Stalin’s undies, anyone?

Russia risks new Cold War: The Telegraph, UK

Follow Arvind’s train of thought closely

All the brouhaha about Kejriwal trying to project a particular image of himself is completely uncalled for. Which politician doesn’t try and build his image, asks Manas Chakravarty.
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