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Manas Chakravarty

It’s time to take sides. Vote for my leader

Dear voter, the choice is before you. Make no mistake, this is an absolutely critical election. In centuries to come, historians will talk in hushed tones about the 2014 polls and how they changed the entire course of the universe.

The untold myths of Bal Narendra

Once upon a time, Bal narendra was doing Narendra Leela by eating mud. When His Mum scolded Him, He opened his mouth to show, not mud, but the whole universe.

Should the country shut down to abide by the EC's rules?

The best thing would be for the governments, at both the Centre and the states, to shut down totally before the elections and let the EC run the country, writes Manas Chakravarty.

Strip clubs? Casinos? Stalin’s undies, anyone?

Russia risks new Cold War: The Telegraph, UK

Follow Arvind’s train of thought closely

All the brouhaha about Kejriwal trying to project a particular image of himself is completely uncalled for. Which politician doesn’t try and build his image, asks Manas Chakravarty.

Modi’s speeches: alliterations, rhymes, acronyms and word play

Modi’s speeches are truly mesmerising, with their alliterations, rhymes, acronyms and word play. It is impossible to match their awesomeness, but here’s a shaky stab at it:

Just what we needed, a lovely free-for-all

Jayalalithaa has kept her promises of free TVs, free fans, free mixer-grinders made during the state elections. She has now assured us free fans, free milch cows and free goats if her party becomes part of the government

It’s not a Maoista plot, Anna Hazare really likes Mamata

Given Hazare’s saintly status, other political parties are kicking themselves. “If only we had responded first,” sobbed an alleged AAP supporter, “we could have got Annaji’s endorsement.” Writes Manas Chakravarty is Consulting Editor, Mint.

Pepper the proceedings with some entertainment

This simply isn’t done. It’s terrible, absolutely terrible, the way our parliamentarians go about wasting taxpayers’ money.

There’s only so much buffaloes Khan take

Buffalo Protection Force Commandant's letter to CM: "Immediately on filing of complaint, we launched Operation Triple B (Bring Back Buffalo) on a war footing. Our elite teams fanned out far and wide to retrieve said buffaloes... click to read the commandant's full letter.

What children learnt from the Rg interview

Youngsters across the country have been inspired by Rahul Gandhi’s interview, with interesting results in schoolrooms. Here is how.

A capital anarchy tour, dinner’s not included

Dear fellow-anarchists, we have lined up for you a deliciously subversive itinerary. Let us all get into the tourist coach, writes Manas Chakravarty.

Moving from activism to being merely active

AAP does not believe in any ‘-isms’ says Yogendra Yadav: Mint, January 13, 2014. This is wonderful news. It’s great to see the party is against communism, writes Manas Chakravarty.

A new rent-seeking scheme for Parliament

Imagine having your wedding reception in the Central Hall of Parliament, where the transfer of power from the British Raj took place. The bride and groom could sit side by side on the chairs of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha speakers. Writes Manas chakravarty.

How not to ring in a New Year

The hospital’s ‘vegetarian-food only’ policy seemed to be to scour the kitchens of Nazi concentration camps, the Soviet Gulag and Guantanamo Bay for the most horrible vegetarian recipes known to man. Manas Chakravarty writes.
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