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Pankaj Vohra

Peril in Pakistan

Bhutto's killing shows that Musharraf is fast losing support and if not controlled, the situation may worsen further in the future, writes Pankaj Vohra.

Party poopers

The congress is again at a crossroads. Ten years ago, when Sonia Gandhi entered active politics, it was a similar situation, the party seemed to have lost its winning formula, writes Pankaj Vohra.

Between us | Winner takes it all

Modi is the new icon of the saffron brigade and the Congress has to go in for a major revamp of both the cabinet and the party, writes Pankaj Vohra.

Ditch the pitch, get real

No regional or linguistic segment, however strong, should supercede national interests. Parochial politics has no place in India, writes Pankaj Vohra.

Youth, democracy have won Kashmir

Omar Abdullah’s elevation marks the change of guard in the state. This could be a precursor to a similar development at the national level, writes Pankaj Vohra.

Now, a Fourth Front may emerge

The next government could be that of the Fourth Front i.e. parties within these three (UPA, NDA and Third Front) formations may come together in some sort of an arrangement and stake a claim to form the next government, writes Pankaj Vohra.

All the prime ministerial men

The Congress, if it is very keen to lead the government with numbers similar to those it has at present, may play its final trump card and propose the name of Sushil Kumar Shinde, a Dalit, for PM. No political party will be able to reject his candidature, writes Pankaj Vohra.

More misses than hits

The second list of ministers that came out of the Prime Minister’s Office on Wednesday appears to have disappointed more people than it has pleased.

Cong must give CMs a freer hand

The overall leadership of Sonia, Rahul and Manmohan Singh will gain greater strength if the state chief ministers or top functionaries are empowered and given more responsibility, writes Pankaj Vohra.

BJP’s losing the plot

If the BJP does not shape up and carry out corrective measures by June 20, its relationship with the RSS may come under strain. It will then have to choose between the Advani coterie and the RSS. Pankaj Vohra writes.

Pawar may have some aces up his sleeve

He has been licking his wounds all this while and could spring a few surprises if the Congress tally is less than the Nationalist Congress Party’s (NCP). Pankaj Vohra writes.

The original aam aadmi leader

The 1971 Lok Sabha and 1972 assembly polls established Indira Gandhi as India’s most charismatic leader. She pressed on with socialist legislation and her left-of-centre policies. Pankaj Vohra writes.

BJP proposes, RSS disposes

Mohan Bhagwat is keen that a younger leader who works closely with the Sangh to further its ideology heads the BJP, writes Pankaj Vohra.

The great RSS U-turn

Mohan Bhagwat’s desire to appear as the Sangh's new Lauh Purush stands rusted and beyond repair. It’s as if a section officer of a ministry was to issue a clarification on a policy statement made by the Prime Minister, writes Pankaj Vohra.

Telangana decision will backfire

The Telangana issue has also raised questions on whether this was done because someone in the Congress wanted to divert attention from the various scams. Or was this done to finish the late YSR’s influence so that his son Jagan would not inherit his legacy? Pankaj Vohra elaborates.
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