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Rashid Irani

Review: The Proposal

An amiable, seen-it-before romantic comedy, The Proposal is a fair bit funnier and more entertaining than other recent wedding-themed tales, says Rashid Irani.

Review: Transformers

Evidently for Michael Bay nothing succeeds like excess. The second part of a planned trilogy, this spin-off of the 2007 blockbuster bludgeons the viewer with bigger explosions, gargantuan robot warriors and a deafening metallic soundtrack, says Rashid Irani.

Review: Harry Potter

More than likely to meet the stratospheric expectations of millions of Potterphiles, …The Half-Blood Prince is the most impressive entry in the J.K. Rowling series, says Rashid Irani.

Review: Night at the Museum 2

The first Night at the Museum outing (2006) was released here only in a Hindi dubbed version. It might help to recount that the fantasy-adventure dealt with a security guard at New York’s natural history museum where the exhibits come to life at night, says Rashid Irani.

Review: Red Cliff

Reportedly, Red Cliff is the realisation of the director’s long-cherished dream to adapt Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the 14th century epic Chinese novel into a film that has a universal resonance and reiterates the importance of pacifism in a strife-torn world, says Rashid Irani.

Review: G.I.Joe

The director seeks to dazzle our senses with one high-octane set piece after another. The highlights include a chase through the streets of Paris culminating in the toppling of the Eiffel Tower, no less, says Rashid Irani.

Review: Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past

 A Christmas Carol has been adapted several times over the past years. Sorry to say, but Ghosts of Girlfriends Past falls disappointingly short of our expectations, says Rashid Irani.

Review: Race to Witch Mountain

Unfortunately, Race to Witch Mountain just doesn’t have the quaint charm oozed by the original Disney sci-fi adventure. It’s bogged down by banality and the leaden direction by Fickman, says Rashid Irani.

Review: The Taking of Pelham 123

Collaborating for the fourth time with Denzel Washington, British stylist-turned-Hollywood hack Tony Scott updates the 1974 subway hijack thriller of the same name, says Rashid Irani.

Review: The Final Destination

The fourth installment of the teenybopper horror series sticks to the template delivering yet another chain of gruesome death scenes, writes Rashid Irani.

Review: District 9

Disturbing and darkly atmospheric, District 9 marks one of the most accomplished recent directorial debuts. A consummate match of filmmaker and material, the trenchant sci-fi allegory grabs the viewer from the outset, not letting go until the end credits roll, writes Rashid Irani.

Review: 9

Miracles are possible. You wait ages for an outstanding debut film, then two turn up in the same week. Intriguingly still, 9, like District 9 is an expanded version of an earlier short, in this case Shane Acker’s award-winning 2005 animated fable, writes Rashid Irani.

Review: The Ugly Truth

If one were asked to name some of the things present-day Hollywood cinema has not been able to achieve, a sparkling romantic comedy would probably figure on top of the list. New ideas, situations or flourishes seldom surface nowadays, writes Rashid Irani.

Review: Grief Encounter

Evidently designed to activate the viewer’s tear-ducts, the adaptation of the 2004 bestseller by Jodi Picoult is more treacly than emotionally wrenching, writes Rashid Irani.

Review: Inglourious Basterds

He kills with skill. The pasha of pulp fiction is back with a vengeance after a hiatus of two years. Transporting the viewer to Nazi-occupied France, Quentin Tarantino’s subversive opus rewrites history, even ending the war a year earlier in 1944.

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