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Nadeem Iqbal finishes 85th

India's cross country skier NadeemIqbal had a disappointing outing as he finished 85th in the men's 15km classic run event at the Winter Olympic Games here today.

US soldier killed in friendly fire

A US marine was shot dead after being mistaken for the enemy, the US Central Command (Centcom) said in a statement on Wednesday.

US troops close in on Baghdad

US forces closed in on Monday on Baghdad in their bid to topple Saddam Hussein after moving past stiff resistance in southern Iraq.

And for $ 200,000 ... where is Saddam?

The Iraq war is essentially over, but a nagging $ 200,000 question still casts a shadow over the US military victory: where is Saddam Hussein?

'Intercepted calls indicate Saddam's injury'

US intelligence officials intercepted phone calls of Iraqis that made them believe that the Iraqi leader was seriously wounded in a bombing raid.

US marines still blocked at Iraq river crossing

US marines were still bogged down on Monday outside the southern Iraqi city of Nassiriya, the key to opening a second route north to Baghdad.

Saddam to deliver a 'historic' speech soon

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein will shortly deliver an 'important and historic' speech to the nation, state-run television has announced.

Fresh explosions in Mosul: Al-Jazeera

The main northern Iraqi city of Mosul was rocked by three fresh US-led air raids early on Monday, the Arabic news channel Al-Jazeera said.

US seizes three of Saddam's palaces

US forces seized three Iraqi presidential palaces, including Saddam Hussein's main facility in the heart of Baghdad.

Saddam remains could be identified: Scientist

Without a sample of his DNA or dental records, it would be difficult but not impossible to confirm the Iraqi leader's death, a forensic scientist said.

US missile strike targets Iraq Info Ministry

A US cruise missile targeted Iraq's Information Ministry early on Monday, apparently causing new damage to the ministry complex.

Marines to hand over Baghdad to regulars

In a sign the fighting phase is over, strike forces who seized Baghdad will begin handing control to US Army regulars on Saturday.

US destroys Republican Guard division

A US commander said the troops had destroyed the Baghdad division of the Iraqi Republican Guard near Kut, 170 km southeast of Baghdad.

British forces battle Iraqi militia within Basra

British forces battling to take control Basra are still facing resistance from around 1,000 Iraqi militia, along with regular troops.

Saddam tells tribes to fight without orders

President Saddam Hussein called on Iraq's tribes to fight the British and US troops without waiting for specific orders.
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