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Samar Halarnkar

Employment: India’s electorate's chief demand

A slew of opinion polls have identified jobs as the chief demand of India’s electorate; not the kind provided by digging ditches and road shoulders but meaningful work with some hope for a better quality of life, Samar Halarnkar writes.

Morbid fascination with jet shows growing reliability of aviation

You are fascinated with MH370 because modern commercial aircraft rarely crash. Taking a flight is far safer than taking a train or driving a car. Anyone with a fear of flying is either being silly, writes Samar Halarnkar.

Leopard on loose: Encounters with wildlife warning of accelerating crisis

Monday’s curfew, although it was not so declared, was over something quite extraordinary: A terrified male leopard that had mauled five people. Samar Halarnkar writes.

Tree of Hinduism under threat from concerted effort to prune it

Consider Penguin India’s decision to destroy copies of The Hindus: An Alternative History, if somewhat contentious, portrait of the Indian majority, by Wendy Doniger, a professor with doctorates in Sanskrit and Indian studies. Samar Halarnkar writes.

To secure Kashmir, India should sacrifice the guilty

Anything related to the killing of innocents in Kashmir becomes part of a conspiracy of silence that allows soldiers and other security officials to commit excesses and get away with it.

How Rakhi Birla represents the best about AAP

As the bright, articulate former journalist works nights inspecting state-run shelters and homes, the Aam Aadmi Party’s youngest minister in Delhi has little time or inclination to tell the media her last name is Bidlan.

Men are conditioned to think that a woman should be put in her place

The average Indian woman is bound by the ropes of what is considered tradition. The male continues to be superior, born to be pampered and placed from birth on a pedestal, from where he can only look down at women, writes Samar Halarnkar.

India wants change but those voted to power can't deliver it

To understand why the fight for Delhi will not deliver the sweeping change that Delhi — or indeed any other Indian city — craves, you must go back to 1935, writes Samar Halarnkar.

Serve the rich: banks go easy on India's big loan defaulters

If you have not heard of a blacklist of incorrigible business defaulters, it’s probably because they have arranged for a new loan. It is particularly galling in a poor country where banks immediately blacklist poor and middle-class defaulters, writes Samar Halarnkar.

India's mission to Mars will stir our cynical, jaded spirit

India's voyage to Mars is about giving something your best shot, about reaching something unattainable and about stirring the spirit and boosting pride in a dispirited nation stuck in a cynical, divisive time. Samar Halarnkar writes.

A unique number for every Indian

AADHAAR: How a digital identity could really get money to the poor and help you get your passport faster. Samar Halarnkar, Editor-at-Large, Hindustan Times, writes. Forecasts for the next decade

Terror has a religion

India isn't as bad as Pakistan. But denying growing radicalisation among Hindus and Muslims could presage a national clash of civilisations. Samar Halarnkar writes.

A quiet man's murder

The brutal slaying of an autorickshaw-driver-turned-politician on a Bangalore street reveals how a Nether India is rising with New India, writes Samar Halarnkar.

What I did with $100 million…

Frodo: “I wish the ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.” Gandalf: “So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.” — From the movie, Lord of the Rings

India's silent genocide

How economic growth is increasing the number of baby girls being aborted, strangled or tossed in the trash — and why we don't care. Samar Halarnkar writes.
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