HindustanTimes Sun,20 Apr 2014

Samar Halarnkar

I am not Anna Hazare

A government out of touch with India’s aspirations has let Team Anna hog the centrestage at the cost of other crucial issues. Samar Halarnkar writes.

Details and their devils

Harbinger of change or flash of public petulance? The real test for the Hazare Effect starts now. Samar Halarnkar writes.

NaMo versus RaGa

The stage is set for a showdown between Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi in 2014. Whoever wins, India’s minorities may lose. Samar Halarnkar writes.

A nation of flashers

It’s dangerous, comical and cripples our democracy. Don’t expect the Supreme Court to stop the use of emergency lights by (so-called) VIPs. Samar Halarnkar writes.

Nature of poverty

Millions of Indians need a helping hand. An ideological schism at the top reflects the uncertainty about how to do this. Samar Halarnkar writes.

It's lost in transition

The nation's technology companies must not be forever doomed to be first world islands in a third world country. Samar Halarnkar writes.

Lesson from Mumbra

Was Ishrat Jahan innocent? It doesn't matter. The country cannot fight terrorism by shooting college students. Samar Halarnkar writes.


A Congress move to censor the new media threatens a vital safety valve and reveals a prickly and petty India, writes Samar Halarnkar.

The PM's last stand

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh fought the food security Bill to the end. How long can the UPA fight itself? Samar Halarnkar writes.

Kept in her place

A rash of stupid remarks from officials about clothes and rape reveal why Indian women are struggling to advance, writes Samar Halarnkar.

Empire strikes back

It could cut waste and give the poor more money. So why is the world's largest identity programme being stymied by the home minister? Samar Halarnkar writes.

Triumph of measles

India’s dark, new nationalism mirrors a global phenomenon. But do we really want our version of Turkey’s Erdogan? Samar Halarnkar writes.

Make walking easier

Born of community, the new India celebrates individual glory, but it has not yet understood public responsibility. Samar Halarnkar writes.

Lesson from Berkeley

The emerging crises, and fighting qualities, of the US education system hold lessons for the coming Indian Budget. Samar Halarnkar writes.

The age of insourcing

The US backlash against outsourcing will move from words to action. India may not get a foot in through the door. Samar Halarnkar writes.
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