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Sanchita Sharma

Are you overreacting without meaning to?

Whether it is allergic rhinitis (runny, sniffly nose), asthma, food allergy or atopic dermatitis (skin rash), allergies run in families and few people understand it better than me. My mum and her mum before her had allergies, so I grew up over-reacting to invisible and often mysterious allergy triggers.

Fighting the conspiracy to make you fat

Almost everything, from how many labour-saving gadgets you own to how fast you eat and how overweight your ancestors were, controls how quickly you add to that dreaded number on your weighing scale.

Pope begins Mideast trip with appeal to end Syrian crisis

'Viva papa Francesco' screamed banners as Pope Francis arrived in Jordan on Saturday to begin his first visit to the Holy Lands of Jordan, Israel and the West Bank.

Looking back at anger without regret

Vicious politicians, corrupt administrators, spluttering television anchors... Everyone’s been spewing venom and acting out to grab air and mind space. The result: frayed nerves and rising tempers in a politically charged atmosphere, writes Sanchita Sharma.

Are you fit enough to offset health risks?

Too much of a good thing hurts all of us in insidious ways. And if you’re a slave to more than one good thing— where a “good thing” is defined as an activity that make you happy, such as smoking, drinking, eating, sleeping, sex, texting, or just vegetating in front of the television — then it’s bound to hurt you sooner than later.

Shortcuts to top up on the elusive vitamin D

We’ve all known that vitamin D is the “sunshine vitamin” the skin conjures up when exposed to sunlight. And that Vitamin D-deficiency causes rickets, osteoporosis (weakened bones), heart disease, diabetes, infections such as tuberculosis and cancers of the colon, breasts, ovaries and prostate.

Trouble in Parasite

The malaria parasite’s formidable adaptability has helped it evade new drugs and experimental vaccines and continue to cause disease and death in 97 nations.

Are you a digital addict and don’t know it?

Parents are as easily distracted by digital devices as scatty adolescents, reported a study in the journal Pediatrics. Most parents out for lunch with their young children with found texting, swiping, scrolling or reading on their smartphone or tablet while the child sat across the table.

Onsite report on remote monitoring of critically-ill patients hundreds of kilometres away

Gitanjali Medical Centre is one of four hospitals getting 24x7 critical care using Philip’s InteleICU solution, which allows specialists at a command centre to closely monitor and treat people in multiple ICUs across several states.

After polio, eradicating measles with help of new drug may come next

Measles tops the list of diseases that can be stamped out from the world forever. But since measles is highly infectious, 95% of all children in all populations need to be given two doses of the vaccine.

Cleansing my body, losing my mind

The thought of straight-jacketing, including dietary, gives me panic attacks. Don't get me wrong. I'm not a gourmand or a glutton. I'm fairly indifferent to food and eat most things that come my way.

Are toilets the next big market opportunity?

In the month when his US $76 billion fortune helped Bill Gates reclaim the world’s richest title from telecom mogul Carlos Slim Helu of Mexico after a four-year hiatus, you’d think he’d have a lot of thoughts to share.

Breathing easy again

If you weigh so much that walking leaves you breathless, you need to lose weight fast to prevent chronic oxygen scarcity damaging your lung and heart.

Do detox plans actually work?

To understand the toxicity better, let’s just take heavy metals emitted from vehicular and industrial emissions. They are everywhere. Unlike organic pollutants, heavy metals do not decay and seep down into the water-table and leech into the food chain.

Knock, knock... Is the doctor there?

You walk into a restaurant and ask for a coffee. The place is busy but you’re told you’ll be served in 10 minutes so you sit and wait.
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