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Sanchita Sharma

Turning pretzel to boost mood & mobility

Yoga evangelist-turned-serial crusader Swami Ramdev’s shrill claims that yoga cures homosexuality, AIDS and all cancers has done unimaginable damage to the many validated benefits of the traditional Indian science of exercise and well-being. Sanchita Sharma writes.

Reversing the brain’s age, slowly and surely

Ever had the feeling that you’re losing your mind? Well, you are, quite like the rest of us. And if you are a woman who is stressed, you’re likely to be losing it faster than a lot of us. Sanchita Sharma writes.

Best prepared rarely stumble and fall

More often than not, it’s not the better player, but the fitter one, who wins. And that’s why her critics cannot take away from Saina Nehwal’s bronze victory against China’s Wang Xin, who was forced to abandon a match she was leading 21-18, 1-0 to hobble out of court because of a knee injury. Sanchita Sharma writes.

Prescriptive shots of java keep you going

Going through a working day without several steaming cups of coffee or tea not only wilts your mind but may also be killing you silently in mysterious ways, show a gaggle of studies since May this year. Sanchita Sharma writes.

Laughing, real and fake, boosts health

Finally, there’s a gene that is biased in favour of women. A gene that makes women happy but mysteriously has no effect on men could be the reason why most women handle the ups and downs of life better than men. Sanchita Sharma writes.

The innovation tsunami saving lives

Flu trackers — the pedestrian term for epidemiologists who chart disease patterns across the world -- now have an unlikely tool in Twitter to cut to the chase. Sanchita Sharma writes.

Kicking child-sexual abuse in the face

News reports of children, including toddlers as young as 3, being sexually abused have made me cringe each day over the past week. The frequency of these reports just adds to the horror of the acts. Sanchita Sharma writes.

Posts from the edge

Violent outbursts and stroppiness mask underlying loneliness and despair among the young and connected, shows a Fortis Healthcare Survey. Health editor Sanchita Sharma writes. See graphics

Dealing with a teen's dark despair

Teenage is the most stressful days of our lives," my son, 15, announced when I mentioned the 'what-I-thought-were-shocking but-psychiatrists-said-were-humdrum' findings of the Fortis Healthcare's Teen Suicide Survey over dinner last night. Health editor Sanchita Sharma writes.

Facts on an infinite improbability overdrive

What makes science so exciting is that it is by definition empirical - the result of objective analysis based on facts established after years of backbreaking observation, experimentation and review. Sanchita Sharma writes.

Heart care: Start now

One in every two people feels that the time to start worrying about heart diseases is after turning 30 years or even later, a survey of 4,000 people by the World Heart Federation in India, Brazil, the United Kingdom and the United States of America has found.

Is sleeplessness killing you softly?

Despite stacks of research on how sleeplessness kills you in insidious ways, being a borderline insomniac has never bothered me. I'd rather be up doing nothing particularly useful than asleep doing, well, nothing that I'm conscious of. Sanchita Sharma writes.

Do take it to heart

State spending on health can’t keep pace with cardiac diseases. Making the right lifestyle choices is the best preventive and a cost-effective solution, writes Sanchita Sharma.

Gadgets don’t wreck vision, inactivity does

For more than limiting screen time, just ensure you spend a similar amount of time outdoors doing things other than fiddling with your tablet or smartphone, writes Sanchita Sharma.

Is your doc making your BP shoot up?

Okay, so I have high blood pressure (hypertension), so do one in every three adults worldwide, say World Health Organisation estimates. But unlike hypertension plaguing other unfortunate adults — unfortunate because it contributes to 62% strokes and 49% heart attacks — my hypertension has mood-swings. Sanchita Sharma writes.
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