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Scientists spot new objects beyond Pluto

Scientists using the Hubble Space Telescope have discovered two new objects beyond Pluto for NASA's New Horizons spacecraft to visit.

Astronomers discover Earth-size 'diamond' 900 light-years away in space

Astronomers have discovered anEarth-sized 'diamond' about 900 light-years away in space, which is possibly the coldest, faintest white dwarf star ever detected.

Japan unveils 'world's first' android newscaster

Japanese scientists on Tuesday unveiled what they said was the world's first news-reading android, eerily lifelike and possessing a sense of humour to match her perfect language skills.

Atom smasher gets twice the energy next year

The world's largest atom smasher is gearing up for its second three-year run after 16 months of maintenance and upgrades.

Scientists create smart glass camera iris

A new breakthrough could open manufacturers' eyes to new smaller smartphone camera designs and has the potential to run rings around existing imaging technology.

Now, vibrating gloves to teach braille

Researchers have created smartgloves that can help the blind learn braille through vibrations.

'Smart cup' to check your calorie count

What if a cup can keep tab of the calories that you consume and send you an alert when you have had enough alcohol?

Indian physicist who opposed Big Bang origin says he's vindicated

Indian astrophysicist Abhas Mitra who rubbished the much publicised claim by a team of US-led astronomers that they had obtained "direct" evidence for the Big Bang origin of the universe now feels vindicated after receiving support from a top theoretical physicist at Princeton University in the US.

Now, invisibility cloak that blocks touch!

Scientists have developed a new typeof invisibility cloak that prevents an object from being touched.

GM mosquitoes open up new front in war on malaria

Biologists said Tuesday they had devised a new weapon against malaria by genetically engineering mosquitoes which produce mostly male offspring, eventually leading to a population wipe-out.

This app will keep diarrhoea at bay

For those who are gastronomically adventurous, travelling is hardly any fun without savouring the succulent local dishes and drinks.

Face recognition tool to help find missing children

A new facial recognition computer tool can help a missing child meet his/her parents by rapidly and accurately matching pictures with their biological parents.

New gene tests may give cancer patients quicker path to treatment

A new way of evaluating tumors may soon help cancer patients identify the underlying genetic link to their disease--and the best possible treatment--all in a single test.

Most colourful view of the universe unveiled

Astronomers using the HubbleSpace Telescope have captured the most comprehensive picture ever assembled of the evolving universe - and one of the most colourful.

Now, wear your credit card on wrist

The fear of losing your credit card may no longer haunt you as you may soon be wearing them as wristbands and swipe them to pay for everything you purchase in a day -- from your morning coffee to gym membership.
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