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Software deciphers human behaviour on Twitter

Researchers have developed a software that deciphers trends on social media by analysing event-based tweets and measures the context of tweets rather than just the quantity.

No thigh bone on Mars, says NASA

NASA has confirmed there is no human bone on Mars after an image taken by the Curiosity rover showing a "femur thigh bone" went viral on various websites. The photo shows the dirt-covered surface of Mars littered with bits of rock, one of which is elongated in a shape similar to a leg bone.

NASA satellite low on fuel to fall soon

A NASA satellite launched in 1997 to measure precipitation over the tropics will fall down soon.

Scientists hack into Gmail with 92% accuracy

Scientists have developed a novel method that allowed them to successfully hack into Gmail with up to 92 % accuracy.

A voice-recognition software for investigations

A Mexican student is developing a voice-recognition software to be used during criminal investigations and court cases.

New device can sniff out smuggled money

Criminals beware! The smell of the money you are smuggling may give you in. US researchers are developing a new device that mimics the function of trained dogs to sniff out large wads of cash moving illegally across the border.

Mass layoffs ups suicide risk among teenagers

Mass layoffs can push some teenagers, especially girls, towards suicide and other suicide-related behaviour, says an alarming study.

US scientists create functional 3D brain-like tissue

A team of US scientists claims to have created a 3D brain-like tissue that functions and has structural features similar to tissues in rat brain and which can survive in the lab for more than two months.

Scientists generate electricity from silk worm cocoons

A research study in this regard titled 'Electricity from silk cocoon membranes' was recently published in scientific reports of Nature journal.

Office with windows boosts health of workers

The windows in your office may open gateways to good health as researchers have found that daylight in office improves worker's sleep, physical activity and quality of life.

NASA 'vintage' spacecraft makes lunar flyby

A NASA 'vintage' spacecraft that was launched 36 years ago and is now being handled by a team of retired and active aerospace engineers has successfully completed a return visit to the earth-moon system.

Now, self organising 'smart' robots

Scientists have created a swarm of over 1,000 coin-sized robots that can assemble themselves into two-dimensional (2D) shapes by communicating with their neighbours.

No-power wi-fi uses radio waves for energy

Battery-free devices that use radio waves as a power source may soon connect to the Internet!

I-pad technology decodes how brain decides on food

A 'flypad' touchscreen technology similar to what is seen in i-pads has provided crucial insights into how our brain decides what and how much to eat.

Quiz: Hormonal imbalance

If answer to five or more of the above mentioned questions is a yes, it could be due to hormonal imbalance.
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