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For skydiving, fun or serious, look abroad

Yana Bey replies to queries about the Directorate of Air Force Adventure Skydiving Course and also provides additional information in this piece.

Pull yourself up to a different high

Climbing is definitely an adventure, but it’s also a fun way to stay fit. Sonu Kumar Sherval, 24, an instructor at Gold’s Gym, Mumbai, which offers climbing as a workout, elaborates: “Climbing helps you work out various muscle groups in your arms and legs simultaneously, building stamina, improving grip and coordination.

Go hit a wall

Many people have a fear of heights. Terry Prachett’s prodigal wizard Rinceweed wisely feared the ground. After all, it’s the falling and landing on hard ground that’s the worrisome part.

Gambhir plays the Good Samaritan

Even as Gautam Gambhir received his Arjuna Award at the Rashtrapati Bhawan on Saturday, a few kilometres away, three brothers, Saqib, Sufiyan and Ali Alam, were praying for Gambhir's continued success, writes Heena Zuni Pandit.

Staying fit past 60

We’re a couple aged 69 and 61 years. We started an exercise regimen 2 years ago after being diagnosed with stress-induced ischaemia (heart disease). We exercise six days a week and include 5 minutes of skipping and 5-10 minutes of jogging. Is it safe for us to skip and jog? Clinton Grobbelaar replies to this and other queries.

Pack a punch

There is fascination and then there is obsession. In Vijender Singh’s case, he’s fascinated with his obsession. The 24-year-old Olympic bronze medallist in boxing gets high on iron and, like nicotine, needs his daily fix. “I like to pump iron. I don’t know why, but I love it,” he says nonchalantly, while hauling a 100-pound barbell.

The importance of posture and alignment

Correct posture: One has to bend from the knees and waist just enough to reach the ground with the club. Most golfers either bend too much from the knees or from the waist.

High: A whole new spin on flying a kite

Adventure sport junkies swear by activities like parasailing and surfboarding. Now you can combine the two and throw away the tether into the wind. You’ve just landed in kite surfing zone. There are few ways as good as this to lord it over the elements and let both wave and wind combine to take you on a wild ride, writes Dhamini Ratnam.

Stem cells, the way  to a sporting future

As the world’s top athletes converge in Berlin for the World Championships, the fear of injuring themselves while trying to go that extra mile will be playing on their minds. Injuries have always been part and parcel of sport, it takes one false move to end careers, writes Ajai Masand.

Then there was one

About 55 kilometres from Chandigarh, in the general direction of Amritsar, lies the tiny village of Phoolpur Grewal. It seems to have been forgotten by whoever blessed the prosperous farmlands of Punjab that lie on either side, writes Saurabh Duggal.

Up your ante

Aparna Khera, 26, went to Rishikesh a year ago for a white water rafting trip. All it took was three hours on a raft with seven strangers to get her addicted.

On muddy trails

If green’s your thing, then trekking in the monsoon is a must-do. However, your usual haunt in the Lower Himalayas isn’t the easiest place to conquer in the rains. Don’t mope.

Danger’s cool, but cockroaches?

One of the toughest things to tackle on Khatron ke Khiladi last year was the weather. We were shooting in South Africa, where it was the beginning of winter, and hailstorms were common, writes Nethra Raghuraman.

You brake, you break

It’s been six years since I last rode a bicycle. Six years is a long time. Long enough for rust to have reduced my bike to dust and to make me consider with trepidation an activity I could once do as easily as breathing, writes Aalap Deboor.

Walk the walk

It’s not quite walking or running either. With arms stuck out at odd angles, it even looks funny. But speed walking is a great exercise that’s easy on your knees, writes Sai Raje.
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