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The fit Mix

Want to be a better boxer? Try skipping. Need to prepare for a tennis match? Take up yoga. Mixing it up helps, as athletes around the world have discovered.

Young or old, the genes have it, or don’t

Baseball scouts are agog over Miguel Sano's hands — strong, supple and deft. But he still had to place them under a bone-scan machine, just in case.

Are you eating the right food?

Understanding good nutrition is an important part of any fitness programme and healthy living experience. Here are some tips to get you started. I recommend getting personalised advice from a qualified dietician as well.

Get started now with fitness

If you’re a first time exercise enthusiast or someone who’s looking to get back into a structured programme, this is a must-read. It is the first in a series that will discuss the principles of health and fitness that should be a part of your life.

Basketball coach gets the boot for ‘un-Christlike’ win

Micah Grimes loses his job for guiding his team to a 100-0 win in a high school tournament.

Swimming against the tide

Sandeep Sejwal hasn’t won any medals in Beijing. In other words, this 6-foot swimmer from Lado Sarai, Delhi, isn’t returning a hero, writes Kshitij Prabhat Bal.

At the Games, it’s the time to disco

Indraneel Das visits the Tiananmen Square where murals of dragons and Buddhist architecture fascinates him.

Women lifters raise the bar in beauty stakes

In women's weightlifting, it's possible to have beauty as well as brawn. That's the defiant message coming from the bar belles of the Olympics.

Bindra in big sporting stars from Chandigarh

As India's first-ever Olympics gold medallist, shooter Abhinav Bindra, became the latest sports star to do the city proud, praise poured in from the other sporting greats.
Spl: Beijing Olympics
Pics: Making of a winner

The birthday boy’s golden wish

Switzerland's Roger Federer, who has ruled men's tennis for five years, turns 27 today and would like nothing better as a gift than the Olympic medal. A report by Indraneel Das.

Russian couples rush to marry on 'lucky' 08.08.08

There has been a surge of marriage applications on Aug 8th for good luck.China too will be opening its Olympics at 08.08pm on the same day to benefit from the same.

Interesting facts from Olympics

Frenchman Alain Mimoun was just one month short of his 36th birthday when he won the marathon in 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games, making him the oldest in Olympic history to win the event. It was the first time the marathon saw a false start.

Get your house in order before bidding for Olympics

India, or at least a part of it, is flush with money and life is no longer meant to be lived in denial of the physical self. Sport in an environment like this should thrive, but sadly, it hasn't, writes Pradeep Magazine.

Mia urges world to persuade China

American actress Mia Farrow said the world should demand that China end its support for Myanmar's military junta.

Strawberry ‘n’ cream

Sania Mirza believes the controversies that have plagued her career have been a blessing because they have made her grow up.
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