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Now charging phone as easy as walk in park

Two 15-year-old school boys have developed a device that will enable a shoe to charge a mobile phone while walking. Students of south Delhi’s Mount Carmel school have invented a compact attachment, which, when attached to the heel of the shoe, will automatically act as a portable mobile charger.

World's first smartphone turns 20 today!

The first ever smartphone - a $900 clunky IBM Simon mobile phone - has turned 20 on Saturday. The phone with a battery life of one hour was developed by IBM and the American cellular company BelSelf and went on sale in 1994.

Virus stealing debit, credit card info prowling online portals

Debit and credit card owners in India have been alerted by cyber security sleuths against the damaging activities of a virus which attacks Point of Sale (POS) business counters to steal confidential data like card number and passwords.

Will it be Nikesh vs Mukesh in India's 4G wars?

Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Jio is set to usher in 4G services next year. Last week, I was tempted to say, it is now perhaps Nikesh vs Mukesh in India’s telecoms, after Nikesh Arora quit as chief business officer at Google Inc and headed to become vice-chairman of Japan's SoftBank where he starts in October.

Google shutting down Orkut social network

Google on Monday said it is shutting down Orkut, its 'first foray into social networking', to focus on YouTube, Blogger, and Google+ services that have proven more popular.

NASA's 'flying saucer' tests new Mars-landing technology

NASA sent a saucer-like vehicle high into the sky Saturday to test technology for a future Mars landing, but its parachute tangled when deployed and the spacecraft splashed into the Pacific Ocean.

French lawmakers adopt 'anti-Amazon' bill, support local bookshops

French lawmakers adopted a bill on Thursday that will prevent Amazon and other online giants from offering free deliveries of discounted books, in a bid to support the country's small bookshops.

New bike helmet allows for a 'stress-free' ride

A 'mind-reading' helmet lets youcreate mind maps of your travels to identify routes that are least taxing when you are commuting by bicycle.

Microsoft, Sony vie for gamers attention at E3 2014

The pre E3 presentations by Microsoft and Sony took place at Los Angeles on Monday. Both Microsoft and Sony announced a slew of new games for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4(PS4) respectively.

Computer passes off as a teenager, clears 'Turing Test'

A Russian supercomputer posing as a 13-year-old boy has convinced judges that it is human, becoming the first to pass the "Turing Test" in a historic moment in artificial intelligence, British scientists said.

Robot that reads emotions set for sale in Japan next year

A cooing, gesturing humanoid on wheels that can decipher emotions has been unveiled in Japan by billionaire Masayoshi Son who says robots should be tender and make people smile. Pepper will go on sale in Japan in February for 198,000 yen ($1,900).

Mobile phones subscriptions to dwarf world population early 2015

By early 2015, there will be more mobile phone subscribers than the world's population, thanks to rapid growth in India, China and Burma, a report by Swedish technology giant Ericsson said.

Self driving car won't hit passersby

How about a day when your self-driven car can identify a child on the street from a safe distance or you can reply to your friend just by waving your hand while your smart phone is on charge in the next room ?

EBay hack leaves many questions unanswered

EBay Inc's description of how hackers got access to its entire database of 145 million user records leaves many questions unanswered as to how cyber criminals orchestrated what appears to be the second-biggest data breach in US history.

Hackers raid eBay, access 145 million records

EBay Inc said that hackers raided its network three months ago, accessing some 145 million user records in what is poised to go down as one of the biggest data breaches in history, based on the number of accounts compromised.
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